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  1. Releasing on loud neighbors in a city that is expensive and is hard to find apartment

    Releasing on loud neighbors in a city that is expensive and is hard to find apartments.

    Two levels of release can be helpful:

    1) As best you can could you allow all your thoughts and feelings, images and sensations about your present noisy neighbors and previous noisy neighbors to come up? Take your time. Let the feelings of anger, grief, frustration, powerlessness, confusion, disapproval, injustice, come up as fully as possible.

    And check and see ...

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  2. Lester's Experience...

    The following is a reply I gave to someone who privately asked about letting go of everything completely once and for all "like Lester did."

    I can't speak for Lester. I can say that Lester was imperturbable no matter what was going on. I don't know exactly what that meant to him but I can tell you what it means to me. I am not bothered if the body/mind called Delilah has a reaction to something, or someone. It's just energy coming up to be released. I am not impressed ...
  3. What Are Your Resistsing?

    As Summer drops into Fall I am aware of things that I love about the Autumn season and that makes me aware of what I don't like about it too. This gives me an opportunity to clean up any likes and dislikes about this season and anything else that I have taking up space in my conscious but also subconscious mind.

    The mind is a dynamic phenomenon and it is always finding things to hold on to and things to push away. Just as it is useful to clean out our closets and get rid of shoes ...
  4. Free Support Calls Sept 16 and Sept 27, 2013

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    Come join us for an hour of deep, refreshing releasing hosted by Certified Sedona Method Coach, Susan Seifert (me!) - tomorrow, Monday, Sept 16 at 8 PM Central US Time. Please check for your local time. There will be another call on Friday, Sept. 27 at 3 PM Central time.

    Our support calls are a wonderful way to let go of issues that may have been keeping you stuck, to deepen and refresh your practice. There will be time for questions, sharing and one-on-one
  5. Free 3 Day Letting Go Virtual Event: The Art of Letting Go

    There is growing recognition that humanity is reaching a turning point.

    We are shifting out of a mindset that we exist as separate individuals into a new paradigm in which we understand we are energetically connected as One.

    For many, this understanding is arriving not simply as an idea, but as an embodied reality. On a personal level the shift is fueled by an impulse to move out of painful patterns, limiting beliefs, habits and social systems.

    Letting ...
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