Releasing on loud neighbors in a city that is expensive and is hard to find apartments.

Two levels of release can be helpful:

1) As best you can could you allow all your thoughts and feelings, images and sensations about your present noisy neighbors and previous noisy neighbors to come up? Take your time. Let the feelings of anger, grief, frustration, powerlessness, confusion, disapproval, injustice, come up as fully as possible.

And check and see if you are wanting to change/control the situation? If yes, could you welcome wanting to change it? Then see if you could let that go? Would you if you could? When?

Also notice any wanting to be controlled by the neighbors. This looks like " If only they would be quieter then I would be happier, at more peace, etc." Welcome that as best you can and then see if you can let that go.

2) Welcome all your thoughts and feelings about apartments in your city. Release on all the wants that come up around that, including any wanting to explain, justify or defend any of those thoughts and feelings.

When we release all our internal reactions to an aversive external situation the situation can resolve or dissolve.

When we release on all our limiting thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, even the ones that look like facts, the situation can resolve or dissolve or change in unfathomable ways for the better.