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  1. From Thinking to Being Here

    Today's Release A Day Experience:

    As I let go during this little gem of a release I discovered that when I am thinking I am actually really trying to figure things out. When I am interested in something I am studying it, trying to take it in and again trying to figure things out. Just now when I let go of pursuing the information, the answer, the understanding, the insight, the meaning, the wisdom, the revelation, I completely opened and was in such a receptive state that it felt ...
  2. I'm loving the Release-a-Day Program

    If anyone is on the fence about signing up for the release-a-day program I will share that I love it! I love how random the daily releases are. They are unexpected from one day to the next so the mind gets a little wake up call to "check this out and let this go!". And because they are short I can revisit them at another time during the day in between clients. I highly recommend this to anyone who is busy and distracted by the demands of daily living.

    Delilah ...
  3. Happy Holidays

    We're in the middle of a big holiday push here in the U.S. Hanunkah, Quansa, Christmas and then New Years are all upon us. For some that often means lot's of time with family and friends while sometimes for others it means being away from people for various reasons. A lot gets stirred up around this time of year and that makes it a great time to do some releasing. Even if these holidays don't have meaning for you there are probably holidays and cultural events that have the same sort of impact on ...
  4. Releasing on loud neighbors in a city that is expensive and is hard to find apartment

    Releasing on loud neighbors in a city that is expensive and is hard to find apartments.

    Two levels of release can be helpful:

    1) As best you can could you allow all your thoughts and feelings, images and sensations about your present noisy neighbors and previous noisy neighbors to come up? Take your time. Let the feelings of anger, grief, frustration, powerlessness, confusion, disapproval, injustice, come up as fully as possible.

    And check and see ...

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  5. Lester's Experience...

    The following is a reply I gave to someone who privately asked about letting go of everything completely once and for all "like Lester did."

    I can't speak for Lester. I can say that Lester was imperturbable no matter what was going on. I don't know exactly what that meant to him but I can tell you what it means to me. I am not bothered if the body/mind called Delilah has a reaction to something, or someone. It's just energy coming up to be released. I am not impressed ...
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