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  • Welcome to Sustainable Success 2017!

    We have created this exclusive forum on our community web site just for participants in Sustainable Success to discuss the course as well as a place to find a releasing partner if you would like. If you have not previously registered for the forum you will need to do so in order to post. Click the Login or Sign Up link in the top right corner of the forum page. Email if you need assistance.


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    Hello, I'm looking for a releasing partner in the Europe zone for the Sustainable Success 2017. If somebody is interested please contact me via message or chat.



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      Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the course and getting great insights and realisations about sustainable success.

      I've just started listening to the first audio and may already be getting a little bit stuck. Here is the story so far:

      As was I starting to listen to the audio I immediately felt bliss and relief to have found this course just at the right time for me. I was feeling that many of the ideas on this course, especially on integrity, truthfullness and allowing to take care of myself resonated with me deeply. It's what I've always intuitively felt to be right, despite the fact that most of the time I used to find the world acting in the opposite way. I was feeling that this course was the missing piece of the puzzle that will help to make these ideas finally work for me.

      Around 32 minute mark Hale suggested to release the resistance around the course and I though that's great, because I've read the course workbook and that had brought up a lot of feelings around the concept of "me" that I've shared in another post on this forum and I have been releasing them for the last few days.

      Funnily enough, as I was following the release, I noticed that instead of any resistance I was feeling bliss of how perfect this course was for me, how things have aligned perfectly and how it found me just at the right time in my life. I guess I got lost in this thought for a few seconds, and then the sound woke me up: "and could you welcome too, any sense that this is personal, about you of who you are". And "could you welcome any sense of identification or taking it personally".

      That moment just kind of took this beautiful crystal vase with all the flowers in it that I was carrying in my awareness and smashed into the ground with full force. All this bliss, the hope, the feeling of all being well, all of that evaporated in a second. (released?) What has replaced them is apathy, grief and pointlessness. I am having trouble to force myself to listen to the rest of the audio and "have fun" as Hale suggested. What's the point? The "I" that "already have enough" is false anyway....

      I know from experience that the only thing I can do is to release what comes up. So in a way even sharing this story is pointless as it's pretty clear what the advice is going to be. But I've already typed it in so here you go.

      Have a nice day.
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        Hello I'm Nicolas, 26 years old from France. I practiced the method for two years now (thanks to youtube and other medias), but it's the first time I engage truly in and I think that's the way to do. I've accumulated lots of knowledge about diet, yoga, detox etc.. And it allowed me to be healthy and alive. But I've come to the glass ceiling where a releasing partner or more can help me to focus on the part that I finally lack : releasing deep dark feelings.

        After all these processes, I still hold onto my state of being in an emotional wheelchair. It's really the thing that disable the peace to really stem and stay onto my heart and the assignment about aversion of the world (especially Mother World and little brother satellite) is really helping ! Thank you Hale.

        So I don't really have the temperature of the forum now but I hope to get it right soon. I have still plenty of knowledge about the illusion, so if you ask I share myself on practical things. And hoping to achieve the true reading mechanism with you.

        I speak french and english, and am under the GMT +1 time.

        To Vaidas : I don't think that sharing your story here is a waste of time for you "because it's pretty clear the advice is going to be", I notice for myself that I usually think that way and continue to release in a circle because of projecting "what the advice is for me". So sometimes an "exterior help or push" is very useful, thank you for sharing.

        Email :
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          Hi! My name is Shawn. So glad to be here. Thank you for offering this course. I am looking for a releasing partner. I'm in the Mountain time zone.
          Where is the digital library?
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            Hi, I wanted to share that through my releasing, things unfold greatly but I feel a deeper stuff that is just a dark sea for the me.

            For some background :
            I research and met kinesiologists who tap into the unconscious directly by asking questions and seeing the biological responses. Whatever the problems I could have come with all of them told me about the same root event . So I have the suspicion that as long as this event is not fully release, "imaginary problems" will build up on top of it, and I will spend my entire life to release about everything .

            This event takes place in the womb, my mother seemed to have gone through a terrible trauma and I, as a foetus, have been imprinted by it.

            I asked my mother and she didn't remember anything, so I dig deeper and have seen a kind of medium that read your cells. And he said to me that my mother may have been raped as a young girl, I am not going to ask my mother about this, she is already closed to discuss deeply into her childhood, and I don't want to trigger a trauma she has not asked to relive.

            So I'm just creating a mind map here, but the real thing is to remember the event, get pass through the "map", feeling the emotions, and "voila".

            So my question is : does someone have experienced womb memories, how do you deal with it, is there a process to do ?
            Thank you

            Edit : this software is not accent-loving, it likes only english language .
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              Hi Nico,

              Thanks for your support on my question earlier. Here is my perspective on your issue:

              It may be that we don't always need to understand the reasons for the feelings in order to let them go. You may try welcoming them in the now, without getting involved in the mental dialogue about the reasons.

              The story you have been told may or may not be true. But it has the potential to keep you stuck indefinitely, because you can never confirm it. By choosing to hold it in the awareness (I am not saying that it is not true) you are making the cause of your unpleasant feelings real. It is what feeds the "darkness" and keeps it alive.

              I am sure that during this course there will be lots of releases regarding the stories that we hold in our minds. There may not be one identical to yours, but what works well for me is to hook into any of the releases with a close enough topic and use the process as Hale is guiding through it, but welcome whatever is bothering me and release that, instead of the original topic.

              By this I do not mean to change or disregard the contents of the course as you see fit. By all means keep following and do the releases as Hale has designed them. This is just a suggestion that you can be creative and improvise if you need to.

              P.S. I think the forum software may not like certain quote symbols in some encodings and you got your post cut off. It happened with my previous post too.
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                Thank you Vaidas,
                I needed more information to decomplex the struggle, but you right, it's not the way it really works, so I do my best to not identify with it, and continue the inquiry.

                I do have rephrased the Money section questions to make it more phony to me, and it works pretty well .


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                  hi people.
                  im digowind and I'm 24yrs. been to releasing for quite a few years and now I am at this course.
                  so, one thing I think very often, at the course is the definition of success. or sustainable success.
                  I havne't even finished the 1st course yet but I am pretty stuck at the relationship now and I wonder what's the definition, of success, if it has anything to do with the relationship or it has anything covering that.
                  it's the same thing when I listen to the foundation course... I don't have mcuh thoughts on what to do with the money yet but I am quite concerend about relationshis.


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                    Hi Digowind,
                    Whatever comes up for you is what there is to release. If relationships arise then release on relationships. Take time to figure out your definition of successful relationships.
                    My experience is that if I release on one thing, other things also release. When I release on relationships it opens up other possibilities in work, career and creativity. When I release on money it changes how I interact with myself and with others. We are being encouraged to come up with our own definition of sustainable success in all areas of life. That's what I am doing by writing and by working with a releasing partner.


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                      Hi folks,
                      What do you do when you are dry of feelings?
                      I noticed that my heart open only when the feelings coming up are strong. If not, my mind get ideas, but I have not the gut to put it in action.
                      Thank you


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                        I have a logistic question, where do we attend the course in live? I put myself on the library at the right time but there's no live call, just the file showing up, already recorded.
                        And there's also the question about the 'I am' meditation on the forum asked by Alex I think and answered by Hale that I do not find.
                        Thank you


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