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  • Releasing partner?

    Hi, I would like to find a releasing partner to keep up the momentum from the first part of the course. I live in Europe and am available in the evenings and during weekends. Please feel free to message me if you are interested!

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    hi hola its good to read your post. today I did wrote an post from the first par of the course. um it's about emotions.
    it's located at
    But , I did found the those advancing gains insights they 're quite comming from a much released level, and I'm not talking about only the basic course. though I highly agree that the foundation course is really really really beneficial and it cou0ld be listened to hundreds of times... I personally did listen to some of them fifty to sixty times..
    and what I also find in searching for the releasing partner is.. it would be more rewarding if two could focus on the same thing to release, or write what works or didn't work for sharing
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