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  • "Good" enough?

    Hi Team, I am from Germany and when translating the Question are you being enough and having enough, I automatically translated it into being "good" enough.
    In German "being enough" sounds strange and not very appealing. With this, I noticed that being enough and being good enough, have slightly different meanings.
    Is there another reason, besides that it sounds nice and round in English as it is, that Hal does not use good enough?
    Thank You

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    Hi, San,

    There is a big difference between 'enough' and 'good enough' and it's not a matter of English vs German.

    I suggest you explore this for yourself and use what comes up for releasing.

    All the best,

    Susan Seifert
    Certified Sedona Method Coach
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      Hi San!

      The question, " Could you allow yourself to be enough?" is an intentionally neutral question and invites us to let go of pushing and pulling ourselves to have, do, or be something other than what we already are in this moment. It's an invitation to simply let go. Releasing is an internal process and allows us to relax, refresh, and regenerate. There is an endless list of things we want to do, have or be and while there is nothing wrong with doing and having and being anything in particular it is of great value to let all of that go and open to flow inside. When we are in flow if we do take action we are more likely to be more effective. And we aren't daunted, we aren't disturbed if things don't work out the way we'd like them to. We are resilient and able to come back and try again or try some other way or some other thing next.



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        Thank you Delilah, neutral is the keyword!! yes, good enough is already an evaluation. Got it!! Interestingly I have no issue with the word enough in English, but in German, it sounds like bad news (enough=not good enough!!),. Susan, I will release on the German word Thank You both