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    In Week 3 Session B at around 1.18 Hale refers to a previous post in the Sustainable Success Threads posted by Renju(?) about some questions that Lester used back in the 60s about ways of checking yourself which can be changed into great releasing questions, called the Self Growth Yardstick. Hale recommends everyone take a look at it. He used it as a measure, but Hale says you can take it a little further... Can’t find those posts tho. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Thanks

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    Hi Maudie!

    I was in contact with Hale about your question and he wrote, "I am not sure what this is referring to so let someone else answer this."

    I am not sure what it is you are asking about either.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with this,
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      'Week 3 Session B at around 1.18.....' - Hale is actually talking to Susan (who's a coach i think) about resistance......1.17.17 - 'renju (SS 2015) posted some questions Lester used back in the 60's for checking yourself which can be turned into excellent releasing questions...he called it the Self Growth Yardstick....' And Hales recommends we all take a look at those questions.......

      If you guys aren't sure what it is just listen to that part of the course......