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    In Week 3 Session B at around 1.18 Hale refers to a previous post in the Sustainable Success Threads posted by Renju(?) about some questions that Lester used back in the 60s about ways of checking yourself which can be changed into great releasing questions, called the Self Growth Yardstick. Hale recommends everyone take a look at it. He used it as a measure, but Hale says you can take it a little further... Can’t find those posts tho. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Thanks

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    Hi Maudie!

    I was in contact with Hale about your question and he wrote, "I am not sure what this is referring to so let someone else answer this."

    I am not sure what it is you are asking about either.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with this,
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      'Week 3 Session B at around 1.18.....' - Hale is actually talking to Susan (who's a coach i think) about resistance......1.17.17 - 'renju (SS 2015) posted some questions Lester used back in the 60's for checking yourself which can be turned into excellent releasing questions...he called it the Self Growth Yardstick....' And Hales recommends we all take a look at those questions.......

      If you guys aren't sure what it is just listen to that part of the course......


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        DelilahCertifiedSMCoach[email protected] Thanks both. The implication was that in the original Sustainable Success group in the Forum there had been quite a number of really useful threads, particularly about the Self Growth Yartdstick, but I was unable to find any. I was simply interested in reading them as Hale said, in the course, to do so.
        And I’m not quite sure what you mean Nickolas when you say just listen to that part of the course. I have, and Hale says to check out the threads....


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          Hi Maudie......i was directing that at 'support' - whatever that Delilah seemed uncertain to what you were referring, as apparently did Hale........i contacted support about the SS forum and mentioned there wasn't one for the 2018 group to which they replied we didn't need one just for our that time there were posts from previous groups which have since disappeared....pretty crap really.......LS support aren't it seems in the game.......they also seem to be posting calls now that you can't download, luckily i downloaded all the calls at the start of the course when they mistakenly posted the entire course right at the start......again....i have some good responses from support and some total crap, as well as silence on the issue of the calls and support for releasing partners.....

          I'd also have liked to have seen Hale support us a little 'Live' with some follow up calls but he seems content to let LS do their thing.....

          I think it unlikely we'll see those posts again.....from the previous groups......


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            Ah, thanks Nickolas - pretty much what I suspected. Thought I’d test it out by asking the question. My assumption was that there had been quite an active forum group back on the original course but that it had somehow got deleted. I really would have liked to be able to read it. Perhaps it was accessible only for those who’d registered at that time and the rest of us couldn’t see it.

            I too would have liked a little ‘live’ support somehow, somewhere for this 2018 session, and perhaps a little more interaction on the forum. But, there it is... it is as it is


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              Oh no! I’m on Safari by mistake and it cut off the rest of my post!!


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                On FIrefox now, where I don’t think I get cut off...
                Had written quite a bit more but now of course can’t remember. Can’t have been important.

                I did say that I’d seen all the sessions posted at the begninng but not been quick enough to download them all. But am looking forward to the Nov/Dec sessions. Maybe LS might consider arranging a couple of Live support calls then, if Hale were willing.

                It’s nice to check in with at least one other who’s been doing the course - thanks!


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                  Thank you Maudie for asking about the Self Growth Yardstick, I just wanted to ask the same question. And thanks Nickolas for letting us know they are gone...what a pitty. I was curious to read them