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Question: Accessing the full forum questions, assistance, responses.......

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  • Question: Accessing the full forum questions, assistance, responses.......

    I am only able to see three posts for Sustainable Success 2018 that began a several weeks ago. On all the sessions there are many people calling in and talking about forum posts.
    I can only view 3 posts and none of the responses/feedback posted by Hale.....I too heard about the Yard Stick measure Hale referred to as accessible in the forum but have not located it. This makes me wonder if I am on the right page of the forum. I have contacted Sedona both by email and phone and the agent also only saw a few posts in the forum. I'm pretty sure I must be accessing something incorrectly but do not know what it is. The Sedona agent is going to contact me again with a response. Is anyone else unable to see all the forum action spoken about during the sessions? Let me know how you are doing this!
    thanks! patti

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    Hi Patti M!

    Did you get help with this yet?



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      i think there's been no action........all of the posts being referred to are from when the course was originally run in 2015 i think and actually had some support and a more co-ordinated effort to assist with releasing partners......Learning Strategies who are managing the site/business aren't doing anything this year other than posting the recordings........

      i think the course is fabulous but at the very least i think Hale should've checked in a couple of times or run the follow up calls for November and December Live to make this a fresh offering and assist people live.

      when i initially logged on before the beginning of the course i did see the old posts from previous years though........


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        Hi Nickolas!

        Please contact [email protected] for help with this.



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          Hello Delilah,
          There has been no assistance for this forum even though I called the office in MN to make an inquiry. I spoke with Dane and he could see that only 2 people were posting and asking questions with no responses given. He seemed puzzled by this and told me a person from the tech support would be contacting me. I gave him my phone number and email address but have not heard back. I also emailed support and they told me how to login in etc but I find only one other person in the forum. I have been working the course on my own by listening to the recordings. I was unable to get a releasing partner or participate int he forum and we are at the end of the 4 week recording sessions. Hale mentioned several times that the course has two more sessions in both November and December but no dates were given. I think I will call again and ask when those dates will be. I am going to begin listening to the course from the beginning again tomorrow.
          I do love the content and hearing others ask questions and get releasing assistance but I honestly thought when I signed up for the course that I would be able to participate. I am a diligent student in all that I commit to. As I re-read the "How to Use This Course" link on the home page, it still says I would have access to the discussion forum and be able to ask for a releasing partner. Its confusing to me why this was not available for the 2018 session. I would appreciate comment on this. Thank you!~


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            Patti M I echo just about all you’ve said - except I haven’t actually directly contacted the office. I’m lucky enough to have a releasing partner and so we’ve been able to share and practice together which has been wonderful. The course is just great. But it has felt a little discarded and unattended. I was thinking that at least I’d be able to see what the original participants had discussed on the forum as it sounded as tho there’d been quite a considerable degree of participation, and I’m disappointed not to even see that.
            I even wondered if I was the only one doing it


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              Thank you for your comment.....I think I'm just going to release on this non attended forum and hope for the best. This is my first association with the Sedona Methodology and my first course.
              I have had no experience with releasing before listening to these recordings. I really thought I was part of a group of people! So ironic isn't it? I guess the few of us present are "alone together" on this forum.
              Where did you get a releasing partner? How nice for you!
              I have been reading the book and listening to the recordings and getting some benefit. I am starting my second time through today.
              I agree with you that having access to the original forum posts and replies from Hale would be very helpful. I have questions, sometimes need assistance, and I have gains!
              Thank you to the people who are posting here!


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                What is a "letting go talker"? I see that designation under the names of Nicholas and Maudia. I do not have that designation underneath my name. Just wondering.


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                  Originally posted by Patti M View Post
                  What is a "letting go talker"? I see that designation under the names of Nicholas and Maudia. I do not have that designation underneath my name. Just wondering.
                  I think the 'talker' designation refers to someone who has posted a certain number of comments. It seems to be a feature of the chat platform and unrelated to the Sedona Method.
                  Susan Seifert
                  Certified Sedona Method Coach
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                    Patti M Hey there! First of all I don’t seem to get any email notifications that there are any replies to anything I posted (which is why I’m using the @ prefix before your name, because then I think one *does* get notified). So it’s only because I checked on old posts that I see you’ve said something in reply to me. I don’t know if I’ve not got the right settings or if this forum is just not working very well, but maybe that’s why people have stopped using it - they don’t get notified and then they forget they posted. Perhaps?

                    Anyway, LOL, re the releasing on the non-attended forum - best way forward! I hope you carry on with the Sedona Method. I’ve been using it for a large part of this year and really love it. Have done quite a few of the courses and use it every single day. It was a friend who got me back into it (I read the book back in the early 90s when the internet wasn’t in usage as it is now and as much as I loved it, I moved on to exploring other things). And that friend is my releasing partner, so I’m very fortunate there - it makes a difference to share it with someone else on a regular basis. And perhaps it’s because I’ve explored a number of other things that it resonates even more now. It seems to be a summary of everything I’ve previously looked at - brief, uncomplicated, don’t need to understand anything, yet speaks to such a deep level (whatever a deep level means ;D ).

                    Have you listened in to the support calls that are held each month? Anyone can register for these. And now that you’ve done a course you’ll also be able to listen in to the Retreat Support Calls as well, which you’ll find in your library if you miss them.

                    There’s a wonderful archive of old support calls which I found incredibly useful to listen to. If you’ve not already come across them, they’re here
                    If you register you can join in on them and ‘put your hand up’ to ask questions.

                    Also Susan Seifert, (see above) does a regular support call which is great - archive is here
                    And some of the other coaches do support calls as well - google to find.

                    Have you joined the Facebook group? It’s marginally more active than here and you might find a releasing partner there.
                    Hope the second round is going well. I’m going through them again too.