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so this is the forum..........

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  • so this is the forum..........

    i've seen voluntary tax donations facilities that are more popular.....

    for me this is the absolute Achilles heel of this fabulous course........and the Method's application in general...........which is a great shame as the power of releasing with a partner is so incredible....

    Learning strategies have done absolutely nothing to precipitate greater usage and participation for this fantastic course.....

    However what an amazing course.............things are opening up and feeling just so beautiful and peaceful.....

    i wonder why the forum in general is such a poor resource? or do i just have misdirected malevolence toward it.....

    i also love to see more evidence especially from the 'coaches' that they're living it and allowing what is immediate to meet the questions people post on here......there's such a different quality to discourse that comes from the fresh immediate knowing place rather than just hearing a standardized question............which is fine but.......well, but nothing......i guess we are all doing our best.....

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    Hi nickolas!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

    So glad to read that you are finding the processes useful and rewarding.

    Only you would know what your feelings are about this forum and what you would like to do with them.

    Many folks have shared their experiences here. Other coaches have, as have I. I personally share my experiences when I feel that it would be of value to do so. Lester made a big deal out of everyone not taking others' word for anything but recommended that we "take things for checking" ourselves. He invites us each to prove things to ourselves. However there are tons of posts on this forum. Years and years of them. Feel free to have a good look around. More people read this forum than actually post and share and/or ask questions. The same goes for all the support calls offered. More people listen than participate vocally. We are comfortable with however folks use this or the calls or the FB groups. We are happy to offer support to anyone any way they like. If you have a particular question, please feel free to ask anything.

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      I love Lester and have listened to every recording of his......part of the reason this course has been so transformative for me is that i can really do the work now on a much more intuitive level.....and obviously the questions are fabulous and i'm able to actually engage with the course properly with the mind sufficiently out of the way...

      what i'm saying is......great course....transformative.......crap forum and when i mentioned to LS support that it would be great if rather than just collecting the money and posting the calls they could support participants a little i got a big fat nada.......

      LS - i wanted to see them helping put releasing partners an illustration of just how crap the forum is......i think there were less than a 6 posts from 2018 SS participants.........hardly helpful

      i don't have a question but think perhaps the forum isn't particularly alive.....i know there's lots of posts on it from 20BC but it feels dead to me and if only you and a handful of others participate then that would be why.........


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        Hi again nickolas!

        Again, thanks for your feedback.

        FYI there are FB pages with opportunities to partner. Have a look at them.