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Here's a stellar way to keep my momentum going

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  • Here's a stellar way to keep my momentum going

    Yes, I love the course and the momentum it has given me to become more happy and simply be.

    As a person, I'm very auditory, and I love the audios and releases from Hale in the 90 minutes recordings.

    But I found it difficult to always look for the exact release I wanted to do.

    So I went ahead in my home studio, and manually extracted all the separate releases and named them correctly (for personal use of course).

    In this way, whenever I feel I am pushing myself, or a tendency of jealousy, time pressure - I simply find the release to release push yourself, jealousy or scarcity about time,... and immediately I feel lighter.

    This works like a charm for me, and for me this is a stellar way to keep the momentum going!!!

    I wished all the separate audio files for all the releases that are done inside the course were included as well, because creating these this takes a lot of time,... but whatever, I have all the time of the world :-)

    Best wishes,

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    That's fantastic stevenv! Good job! Great share!