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    Finally, I saved up money to buy a new car. More precisely, I have enough money to buy a used car, but this will be my first car. I'm very worried because I saved up money for this purchase for a year and I really want my own car. How can I choose a really good car and not get to scammers?

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    congratulations on reaching your money target. A goal for the car could be ' I now allow myself to have the best car for me'
    good luck,



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      Hi KatKat!

      I agree with zannierose, write a goal statement like the one she suggested in words that have meaning for you that you can release on.

      It can also be helpful to be clear about what you want in a car, what will you use if for, etc. Write a list of things you want from a car.

      From a very practical perspective, make sure you check the Blue Book (KBB), see below for link, to get the best price for the car's make, year and model. There are other ways to check and see if the actual car itself is a good deal, what its history is, go online and check for organizations that offer this info for free. Sometime sellers provide this to prove they are honest and that the car is a safe car.

      Do search on this site to get info about how to avoid buying a car that has a sketchy history:

      For the Blue Book:|297826942999|blue% 20book%20value|e|26285ajd51861|pgrid|19636688093|p taid|kwd-39874790|&segment=&enhancedvs=&ptaid=kwd-39874790&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqImGtZaJ6QIVhYCfCh3quwo lEAAYASAAEgK1FPD_BwE&pgrid=19636688093&bodystyle=



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        I think that buying a used car is still a good thing, no matter you buy it from a neighbor or at a car dealership. In order for your happiness not to turn into a disappointment, I advise you to ask a mechanic to inspect the car, so that you are sure that you are buying it in good condition. Also, buying a used car can lead to problems, so I advise you to carefully check the history of the car. For this, usually use the VIN checker, I used this. I'm sure that if you check that the car wasn't in an accident and that there are no financial debts on it, then you will enjoy this purchase for a long time!