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How writing helped me to release beliefs, that i did not see

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  • How writing helped me to release beliefs, that i did not see

    How writing helped me to release beliefs, that i did not see

    Hello beautiful person reading this,

    i found for myself, that if i write down how i feel and release while doing so, it becomes very easy to shine light on that specific feeling from different pespectives.
    • Let's say i feel anger. I start writing about it. I write "I feel anger, because that women in the store took the last bagel and i had to drive somewhere else to get my bagel, which took me a long time!" Then in that sentence, i shined light on many diffrent things. I uncovered that i felt angry, that i have a big desire for bagels, that i project my anger on to others and so on. It's like i am witnessing that Situation all from above. After writing i can specifically point to that and let go of the emotion and even things that are underlying, that i couldn't see.

    I just wanted to share this, because it feels like an extension to the actual method, as if those 2 activities work hand in hand with eachother. This accelerated my process enormously and i hope that it does for you too. I started seeing results after writing down everyday for 35 days.
    There are many things that could benefit our realising practice and i believe that "Writing" is just one of them. That begs the question: Are there any other activities that could improve the quality of our Releasing?

    I'm open to read about your experience and happy to hear about your opinion on this! I'm just so happy that i have found Releasing in my early 20's and it has impacted everything in my life, in my family's life and impacts the daily life of everyone surrounding me.

    Thank you for reading this! May everyone in this world realize the peace within'

    In love,

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    Thanks AntoniBe for sharing how writing has helped with your releasing process.