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    Taste of the 5th Way
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    Taste of the 5th Way (4 min 35 sec)
    Uploaded on 11-30-2010 at 08:31 PM by BenvsWeb
    General Media - YouTube One of the things that we explore in the movie and in our retreats is something we call the fifth way. And I'd like to give you just a little bit of a taste of that right now, so that you can just start using it without having to see the movie or come to a retreat. And the piece that we're going to go over now is very simple.

    A lot of us believe that we are our stories, we are our history, we are what was and what might be, we think we're this linear progression and time, so we don't really notice what's already shining in plain view. And what's already shining in plain view is something that you don't have to believe in. You can just check. So in this moment, allow yourself to simply check what's actually here now. What are you—

    Now, the first thing that may come up is what you're experiencing, your thoughts, your feelings, what you're seeing, what you're feeling. And all that's great. So could you just simply welcome that? Welcome whatever you're experiencing in the moment, just whatever it is. It doesn't matter if you would label it as positive or negative. Just welcome it.

    Now, let's go a little deeper. Ask yourself the same question. What's deeper than that? What's actually here now? And what you'll notice if you do that enough, your mental debris will start to clear away and you'll start to perceive things through new eyes. And you'll also start to get a sense of what's already right here right now, already whole, already complete right within you. So let's do that again. If you look through the obvious, you look through the sensations, the pictures, the sounds, you go deeper than the surface, what is actually here now? Really feel into that.

    And again, whatever your mind says, or whatever you're perceiving, just go a little deeper. What's deeper than that? What is actually right here right now?

    Now, if you were staying open to this, you'll notice that your mind starts to quiet, your heart starts to open, your body starts to relax because you start cutting through the mental noise and the clutter. And what you maybe a little more aware of in this moment is something I call awareness or presence or beingness. And that beingness is already who you are, you're not your story. You're not the past. You're not the future. You're just what's actually right here right now. And another piece that we go into in depth at a retreat is we also look at what's not here. And what I mean by that is a lot of us assume that because we're experiencing in this moment that there must be a meaning here separate from everything else, but that also can be examined very directly. So in this moment, if you don't go into memory, you don't go into your history. Just check. Can you actually find this separate meaning?

    Now, if the mind said yes, that's okay. Are you that sound in your head that said yes? Just check. Is there actually a separate "you" here that you can find, you can maybe remember one, you can anticipate one? But is there actually a "me" separate from everything that's being experienced?

    In my experience, there isn't. And if you're willing to engage in this level of inquiry, you can discover this true. You can discover this, too. You can discover that right here, right now is already wholeness, completeness, awareness. And that thing that we seem so attached and that seems so much apart of us, that identity that we think we are isn't really here. But again, don't take my word for it. Allow yourself to start exploring this for yourself. So explore what's actually here now and what's not here now, and let me know how that affects your life and you can comment below, but I also highly encourage you to come to a retreat.

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    Taste of the 5th Way
    (click here to watch and comment)
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