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    What If More Comes Up
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    What If More Comes Up (2 min 07 sec)
    Uploaded on 12-01-2010 at 01:28 AM by BenvsWeb
    General Media - YouTube You may be wondering why do you sometimes go back into old patterns, why do you forget to let go. And the reason is very simple. Before you learned letting go, however you learned it, you had a lifetime of practice at suppressing your emotions or expressing them. And releasing is an alternative. So at first, you may go back into old habit patterns, and that's completely okay. But the other thing is, what I recommend to do with releasing or letting go, is do not make it in to another "should". We're already "shoulding" on ourselves enough.
    What I recommend to do is let go when you do, and don't let go when you don't. And the other thing you can do is whenever you remember to let go, or you notice that you forgot, then let go then. That's good enough.

    What you'll find happens over time is at first you'll go through the same problem you've had before. You'll open your mouth and insert your entire foot, and then at other times, and once you catch yourself doing it, then you can let go. And then over time what you will see is that you'll be about to raise your foot to your mouth to do something that you know you'll later regret, and you let go instead. And then over time, you'll find that you catch yourself even before you go in that direction, and you just simply let go. And then, in many cases, you'll never need to let go about that again. Now, this progression can take anywhere from as a few seconds, to a few weeks, even months. But I guarantee you that it'll be a lot faster than what you've been doing before.

    So just allow yourself to let go as best you can in this moment, being open to the possibility that you release on as long as you need to, but you also may never need to release on it again.

    Tags: hale dwoskin, letting go, letting go movie, relationships

    What If More Comes Up
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