Suki Rae, NY - Letting Go Movie Release Comments Video
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Suki Rae, NY - Letting Go Movie Release Comments Video (3 min 07 sec)
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General Media - YouTube We're gonna start with the most simple of all: what's your full name?

Suki Rae.

What do you do to earn a living, Suki?

I'm a professional musician, composer. I've done acting, directing. I'm a minister. I teach, yadda, yadda, yadda.

You're very versatile.
What's your first reaction to the movie, Suki?

I took the Sedona Method many, many years ago, and something that occurred to me when I first walked out of the hotel, was I was waiting for the bus, and I was thinking in my own old way, I was thinking of my old way's "oh, I wish the bus would come, when is the bus gonna come, oh I cant wait", and I was feeling myself getting tight, my hand clenching, waiting for the bus and I said, "Can I let go of controlling when the bus is coming and just let the bus come whenever it comes? Yes I can. I can. Yes, I can." And this movie was that seagull flying peacefully, letting go of anything coming, ever. And whenever I can be who I am, I let go of wanting, needing, or having to be anything else, or anything other than where I am now, and what I am now. I am everything and nothing, and one with all, and I know that I'm in a great place.

So, is there anything that the Sedona Method has cleared up in your life or anything now, in any way now in which the Sedona Method is helping you in moments.

Well, it's helping me whenever I feel that I, which is almost always, that I want to control and change every aspect in my life, whenever I am able to stop and look around myself. Whenever I am able to pause and just release whatever it is and just let go of whatever it is. That's helping me, yes. It's helping me to cope.

That's great. Thank you.

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Suki Rae, NY - Letting Go Movie Release Comments Video
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