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    Letting Go Movie Trailer Sedona Method Movie
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    Letting Go Movie Trailer Sedona Method Movie (4 min 06 sec)
    Uploaded on 12-01-2010 at 10:50 PM by BenvsWeb
    General Media - YouTube No matter who we are or what we do, most of us feel we're held back by something. We need something more to feel whole. We need more money, more power, more drama, more drugs, more food. We believe we need to consume the world in order to be. And that feeling of "I'm not enough as I am" is incredibly detrimental to our lives and this earth we share.

    I realized I had a lot of very difficult memories that I needed to let go of and I didn't know how to.

    I have always had this pit in my stomach that something is going to go wrong and I'm going to lose it all.

    I was going through a difficult time in my life in terms of my marriage. I was very concerned about how my children were going to respond.

    I'm a Vietnam veteran. This last year, I was diagnosed with PTSD. Nothing had worked to eliminate this irritability and anger that I've had inside me.

    But what if we could actually stop the madness, live in this moment, and let go of our limitations?

    I found a way to survive what was a very challenging depression.

    I found a way to be able to accept my feelings rather than reject them.

    What I'd like to say to other veterans is it's a possibility that it could help. It could help release some of the pain and anger that's inside.

    What if you had a tool that could simply, quickly, easily and effectively transform your life?

    I'm a different person; I know I am.

    I've had the good grace of being introduced to the nature of my mind and that's something that is priceless.

    It's not about changing who you are. It's about letting go of the things that appear to be in the way.

    It worked.

    Isn't that a relief?

    When I found this method, I said this is amazing because anybody can experience what I now know people try to achieve over their whole lifetime.

    It's really given me a basis to stand on that I am here and only here, and that the story is going to play itself out. I don't have to play it out in my mind.

    I'm so fortunate. It was a tremendous method—and to be free, to be free.

    It just feels great to not worry anymore.

    It changed my whole life.

    What you've just seen is an invitation for you to lead a happier, richer and more love-filled life.

    There's this hope for myself personally and for the planet and for what help I can give to other people.

    Starting with each and every one of us, letting go of all that is holding us back and being all we can be starting right here, right now. As you let go, as you simply allow yourself to notice what is actually here now, you'll discover that right here right now, you're already whole, you're already complete, you're already enough as you are, and all is well.

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    Letting Go Movie Trailer Sedona Method Movie
    (click here to watch and comment)
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