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  • Media Library - Meditation with Karyn Klapecki - Two Paradigms

    Meditation with Karyn Klapecki - Two Paradigms
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    Meditation with Karyn Klapecki - Two Paradigms (4 min 13 sec)
    Uploaded on 01-15-2011 at 01:59 PM by Karyn Klapecki
    General Media - YouTube

    Are we humans, seeking spiritual experiences yearning for love and happiness, or are we spirits, here to have the experiences in form and human existence, that shows us the broad spectrum of love, conditional and unconditional?

    Or in fact, are we ALL ?

    I am a psychotherapist -- a physician by training. My goal has been to know the meaning of health, in all aspects of being human. During that exploration, I have moved from the traditional education about body and mind in medicine, to an understanding of an energetic model of life itself.

    There are 2 paradigms in life:

    * the usual one we relate to, where we live as humans separate from each other and driven by the sense of identification with our egos and thoughts

    * The sense of 'being' and identifying with simply being present here now, where the trappings of ego identification and our past story of our lives drop away as experiences that have occurred in consciousness -- we simply 'are' and are then free to experience each new moment without the filtration of the ego/past - (it is this paradigm that offers the freedom to be and do whatever occurs in the moment, without the stress of investing in how 'we/the ego' looks to the outside world.

    And the ALL? In each moment, all the trappings of the ego may arise (memories, sensations, reactivity to certain triggers) but with the total acceptance of that, along with the acceptance of all other possibilities, the past arises and falls away and there is clarity to chose whatever new in the moment .

    We do not have to identify as anything -- simply experiencing it all equally and non-judgmentally -- so that it can all continue to flow. Dr. Karyn Klapecki

    Tags: aura, awareness, body, breathing, coherent, energy, love, meditation, releasing, ribbon of light, sedona method

    Meditation with Karyn Klapecki - Two Paradigms
    (click here to watch and comment)
    Karyn c.v. Klapecki
    m.d. f.c.f.p. c.g.p.p.
    Certified Registered Sedona Method Instructor
    [email protected]