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Go all the way - A film about Lester Levenson

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  • Go all the way - A film about Lester Levenson

    In case someone might be interested in knowing more about Lester Levenson, I have made a documentary film about him, and it is now available on

    Flickrocket (Worldwide)

    or Prime Video for US and UK residents.

    Thanks, and happy releasing everyone!

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    Thanks for posting this Tom!


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      You're welcome, hope you enjoy!


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        Not only did I enjoy the film Tom but I watched several times. It's just wonderful!


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          Thank you! What did you like most about it?


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            So many things Tom! I loved the story from the guy who is an accountant who found himself embracing releasing even though he was skeptical because he'd never encountered anything like it in his life. I loved the story from the fellow who was a cook at Lester's place in Sedona and shared about his getting into a knock-down-dragged-out fight with another guy and Lester came in and said something like, "Good! Let all of that stuff come out!" And I loved the story about the woman coming in and shouting at Lester and Lester being completely at peace and being utterly unaffected by the emotional outburst directed at him. Collectively and individually each person was able to convey how loving, peaceful, imperturbable, and beyond this world Lester was. The whole film successfully transmits a "felt" sense of Lester's Mastery.