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    Do you suffer from back pain?

    Ever hurt your back? Whether it was a twinge, a jolt or a constant ache, you wanted it gone.

    Susan Benson knew that feeling well. For years, the forty-something Greenville, North Carolina, accountant suffered from back pain nobody could fix--or even find the cause of.

    "But this isn't all in my head!" she knew in her heart. Yet the key to relief was ...

    Susan wasn't sure how it started, but looking back, she was always tense. Then one day, spasms raced up her spine-and no medication eased the pain.

    "What's wrong?" she asked doctors, but scans were normal. A chiropractor helped, but not enough--leaving Susan so on edge, she bickered with her husband, Nick, and dreaded dealing with clients.

    My marriage is strained and I'm losing income! Susan despaired. What kind of life is this?

    Mind/Body Connection

    Then Susan's chiropractor suggested the Sedona Method.

    Created by Hale Dwoskin, a teacher featured in the inspirational bestseller The Secret, the technique used the mind/body connection to relieve pain.

    "There's a meaningful link between your emotions and your body," Susan's chiropractor explained. "When you let go of the fear, anxiety, stress and anger that often accompany pain, you heal physically, too."

    Could that work? Susan wondered.

    She was willing to try. So she signed up for a nearby workshop. "Kids brush off hurts, but adults bottle them up," the instructor said. "You have to express a feeling before you can let it go." And that could be done in three simple steps ...

    So the next time Susan felt a spasm, she asked, "What am I feeling?"

    Anxious, she thought.

    Next: "Why am I feeling that way?" I'm afraid of letting my clients down, Susan realized. But why? I work hard! I'm just being too tough on myself. Then she could work on the final step: letting go. Closing her eyes, she imagined her worries all blowing away.

    It felt silly at first. But the calm that flooded Susan was immediate-and in a few weeks, there was no more stabbing pain in her back! Even better, she felt at peace!

    "You're ... different," Nick noticed. "But in a good way!" Today, Susan is transformed.

    Whenever she and Nick don’t see eye-to-eye, they talk things out. Work is more fulfilling, because even the most difficult clients don’t get the best of her. And as the tension in her life has faded, so has her back pain --forever! "Pain is just a memory," Susan beams. "By letting go, every part of my life became better. The mind is truly a powerful thing!"

    -Kristin Higson-Hughes

    Did you know?
    Relieving stress and anxiety can strengthen your immune system!
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