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Five Personal Bad Habits that May Be Sabotaging Your Success at Work

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  • Five Personal Bad Habits that May Be Sabotaging Your Success at Work

    Five Personal Bad Habits that May Be Sabotaging Your Success at Work
    (and How to Overcome Them)

    The way you perform your job is important for your ultimate success at work, but job skills are only a small part of the picture. Who you are as a whole, including your personal habits and tendencies, can also lead you to success or failure.

    The tricky part is, habitual behavior is done without thinking about it. In other words, you may be subconsciously engaging in bad habits that are keeping you from climbing the corporate ladder, without even realizing it.

    “All habits can hold us back from being fully present now,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. “Many of us get into ruts and habits when it comes to our career or job performance. We will simply continue to do what we have done before expecting a different result. This of course does not work.”

    The first step to overcoming bad habits, then, is to realize that you have them. Here we’ve listed some of the most common personal bad habits that may be interfering with your success at work.
    • Procrastinating: Do you put off everything until the last minute? Do you regularly miss deadlines as a result? This could be a major risk to your job security. A good rule of thumb is to get the project you’re dreading out of the way first, so the rest seems simple.
    • Being overly defensive: Can you take healthy criticism or do you get angry if anyone questions you? Knowing there's always room for improvement and accepting suggestions graciously are keys to career success.
    • Wasting time: Do you spend eight hours in the office but only accomplish one hour of work? Then it’s time to evaluate how you’re spending (or wasting) your time.
    • Not worrying about personal appearance: Looks aren’t everything, but if you don’t dress appropriately, groom yourself or pay attention to hygiene it can reflect poorly on your business skills.
    • Getting caught in a rut: Have you been performing the same job, in the same position, with the same company for years? It’s probably time to break out of the routine by updating your resume, joining a professional organization and doing some networking. Surrounding yourself with “go-getters” may inspire you to move onward and upward.

    How to Overcome These, and Other, Bad Habits

    Perhaps you noticed a bad habit that you do from the list above. Or maybe the list made you think of some other habit you'd be better off without. No matter what the bad habit, the key to overcoming it is letting go using The Sedona Method.

    “All bad habits are compensations for unresolved emotions that motivate us to do, say or be something that we later regret. The best way to break any habit or addiction is to release the motivating emotion,” Dwoskin says.

    The Sedona Method, a simple, scientifically proven system, has been helping people successfully change bad habits using the releasing principle since 1973.

    The Method shows you how to tap your natural ability to let go of any negative thought or feeling on the spot -- including the subconscious motivators for all forms of bad habits. Once you let the negative feelings go you will no longer feel the desire to engage in the bad habit.

    “The best way to overcome any habit is to clean up the past and let go of wanting to change what did not work -- and then set a clear intention of what you want to achieve now, and then of course let go of any feelings in the way,” says Dwoskin.

    “The more you let go of the past and show up now with what actually is, the more you will be allowing your intuitive knowingness to guide you on the right path, as opposed to simply going on automatic based on what was,” he continues.

    No habit or underlying motivating factor is too big to be released, so take advantage of The Sedona Method today -- and watch the impact it has on your success at work in the very near future.
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