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Being Right Versus Being at Peace: Here is Why Sometimes You Have to Choose

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  • Being Right Versus Being at Peace: Here is Why Sometimes You Have to Choose

    It's been said that in an argument the best weapon to hold is your tongue. Yet, when confronted with a turbulent discussion, most people want to prove that they are, in fact, RIGHT, like their life depended on it. We tie our self-esteem, our values, our reason for living, on proving to a typically uncooperative party that we are correct.

    Yet, life is not a battle that you must win to survive.

    And, in fact, it is almost always better to let go of being “right” if it means that you can be at peace. Husbands and wives everywhere will certainly nod their heads in agreement to this, yet when it comes time to put this plan into action, it can be easier said than done. Why? Because being right is directly tied to our egos, and as the egoist says, “Everyone has a right to my opinion.”

    “Being right is something that appeals to your ego or personality. It has nothing to do with what you truly are. If you’re stuck in your head, it will be important for you to be right,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

    Yet, ask just about anyone what they want out of life, and they will almost always say 'happiness' (or some form of it). Rarely will anyone say, 'What I want out of life is to be right.' So you can take this concept and run with it, especially at home, but also in your dealings at work and even with strangers, and instead of worrying about who is right, hold on to your need for inner peace.

    “If you begin listening to your intuitive knowing, or what some might call your heart, concepts of right and wrong fall away. There is just Being,” Dwoskin says.

    How do you get to this place of 'being'? Let go of your need to be right using The Sedona Method. Speaking of his own marriage, Dwoskin points out how letting go of being right fosters peace and deeper love:

    Once we married, we still had our disagreements -- which of course still happens, that’s only natural. But because we both use The Sedona Method, when something happens that causes an upset, we let it go. From my perspective, our relationship is very unusual in that it just keeps getting better and more loving.

    “Letting go of being right brings us to the peace that is our essence, and this peace has room for many seemingly ‘different’ opinions that are, in fact, all facets of the larger whole,” Dwoskin adds.

    So the choice is ultimately yours, but the next time you’re fluffing your feathers and preparing to battle over who’s right or wrong, remember what’s at stake: your chance for peace.
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