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Being Tall: How Much of an Advantage is it Actually

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  • Being Tall: How Much of an Advantage is it Actually

    Being Tall: How Much of an Advantage is it Actually
    (and How to Overcome Any Disadvantage)?

    You've surely heard of racism, sexism and even ageism but what about "heightism"? This prejudice is alive and kicking in the United States, according to experts, giving unfair advantages to tall men (as long as they aren't "unusually tall") while shorter men get the, well, short end of the stick.

    The "tall man" advantages, and corresponding disadvantages for shorter men, appear to cross just about every avenue in life, from job title and salary to dating and having children. Consider the following statistics:
    • For each inch in height, a person earned about $789 more in pay, per year, according to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology.
    • Taller men are more likely to be married and have children than shorter men, according to a study in Nature.
    • During a speed-dating event, for every 2.5 centimeters taller a man is than his peers, the number of women who want to meet him goes up by about 5 percent, according to University of Essex researchers.
    • When asked to rate the qualities of men of varying heights, men and women rated short men as less mature, less positive, less secure, less masculine, less successful, less capable, less confident and less outgoing than taller men, according to research by psychologists Leslie Martel and Henry Biller.

    Looking at these findings one could surmise that shorter men are destined to low-paying lives of solitude, but this is, of course, far from the truth. Your ability to succeed in life and find happiness has nothing to with your height, and everything to do with your inner strength.
    How to be Successful, No Matter What Your Height

    It's worth mentioning that while women do not face the same issues with heightism as men, they do struggle more often with weightism (with thin women often getting an unfair advantage over heavier women).

    While these prejudices may, in fact, exist in the United States, you do not have to let them affect you. In fact, you can only be as successful as you believe you can be.

    "The best thing for anyone who wants to be successful and happy is to focus on your own inner strength and knowingness -- and not on your external differences," says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates.

    "If feelings of inadequacy or uncertainty come up because of your size, remember that these are just feelings and you can let them go," he continues.

    If you need help releasing feelings of inadequacy, check out The Sedona Method, a do-it-yourself tool that shows you how to let go of all kinds of self-sabotaging emotions on the spot. In their place will be the confidence you need to achieve your wildest dreams.

    Just remember, Dwoskin says, "Even someone relatively small can have a very big presence if they have inner confidence."
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