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Being Unfaithful: What to Know and Do if Cheating on Your Spouse or Loved One Ever...

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  • Being Unfaithful: What to Know and Do if Cheating on Your Spouse or Loved One Ever...

    Being Unfaithful: What to Know and Do if Cheating on Your Spouse or Loved One Ever Crosses Your Mind

    About 30 percent of married or committed couples have 'fantasized' about cheating on their partner, according to an ABC News 'Primetime Live' survey. While only 16 percent of those surveyed actually followed through with it, that's still one in three of us who has considered being unfaithful.

    The reasons for this are sometimes complex and often varied. According to an Lust, Love & Loyalty survey, men cheated because they wanted more sex, more satisfying sex or variety. Meanwhile, women tended to be unfaithful because they desired more emotional attention, to be reassured of their desirability or because they fell in love with someone else.

    Of course, there’s also the “grass is always greener” mentality that drives people to think about being unfaithful. You may believe, for instance, that cheating will make you feel more attractive or will boost your confidence. Or perhaps you believe it will add excitement to your life or fill an emotional void.

    All of these things, however, are underlying emotional issues that are prompting your thoughts of being unfaithful.

    “We live a society that says it values monogamy yet it promotes and glamorizes the lust for the new,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. “If we are simply honest with ourselves and let go of our wanderlust we can commit to the relationship we are in, enjoy it more and drop the need to sleep around.”

    What to Do if You re Thinking of Being Unfaithful

    There are two options if you are having thoughts about being unfaithful, Dwoskin says.

    “Release on the lust for something new and different and the dissatisfaction with your current relationship,” he says, “or, simply, openly and honestly let it go and move on to the next person.”

    The bottom line is that you should not stay in limbo about your relationship. You should either commit to it fully, or let the relationship go and move on. The 'secret' to do this is to release your feelings of lust for the new, or release your current relationship if you so choose, by tapping into your natural powers of letting go using The Sedona Method.

    The Method will show you how to release simply and in the moment, so that you'll be able to feel at peace with your current state. And, if you choose to stay in your current relationship, dedicate yourself to rekindling the romance.

    “Find ways to recommit to and enjoy the relationship you are in,” Dwoskin says.
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