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Beingness-Presence-Awareness Recognized at the Recent Retreat and Coach Training

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  • Beingness-Presence-Awareness Recognized at the Recent Retreat and Coach Training

    More reports from the Happiness Wave As a long-time student of Buddhism, I am very familiar with some of the ideas that Hale was presenting with respect to beingness, awareness, presence -- that which Buddhists might refer to Mahamudra or the essence of mind. However, under his coaching, I had what may be the clearest taste of that state I've ever had. Before the retreat, I'd had many experiences of emptiness and its complementary aspect that is called luminosity. But, I'd always made the mistake of identifying myself with those experiences themselves, associating I' with those experiences. Therefore, I'd missed the point. Or perhaps, lost the point. Hale's instruction enabled me to get beyond that habitual tendency and to experience the pure awareness that is intrinsic to, but unmoved by any of its contents. This may sound abstract and perhaps even trivial, but for me it was a very profound and transformative experience.

    I found particularly effective, Hale’s insistence that awareness is not something to get to; that it is already here and now. That it cannot be achieved or constructed. I loved the questioning: “Can you get out of now?” and “Is awareness happening now? Try to not be aware.”

    I got a much clearer understanding of the role of ‘welcoming’ in releasing. What it does and how it can be used. In particular, how it may be employed in working with wanting to change things, resisting what is. How that subtle resistance sabotages our efforts to truly release, until we welcome it into our experiences.
    I liked the vortex analogy: welcoming the issue, our various judgments about it, and our desire to fix it or make it go away.

    After the retreats (7-Day and Coaching), I find that welcoming is more natural and spontaneous in my life than it was before. In tandem with this, I am realizing more and more, how much of my modus operandi has been one of making things happen. Effort, struggle, achievement… and how that mode has, in turn, reduced the possibility of synchronicity, moving in the Tao. Now, I feel that welcoming almost happens naturally, by itself, whenever some negative emotion or resistance arises in the mind.

    Upon returning to work, I find less resistance to allowing myself to feel the warmth and liking toward others that is a natural expression of what I am. I find myself more able to drop the oughts – I ought not to feel warmth toward X because he did such-and-such to me. I have discovered that suppressing my natural warmth and liking toward others is just dumb.

    Gains at the Coaching Program, Jan 2008

    The program helped me to become a better releasing partner. To be sensitive to how others are feeling when they are being assisted in releasing by another. Learned how important it is for me to simply be with and there for the other – rather than trying to come up with a bunch of clever techniques to help them release.

    Was able to confront and deal with some of the difficulties I had with making lots of eye contact with others. Hale’s injunction to ‘sit back’ as you are meeting another’s gaze was most helpful.

    Perhaps most surprising to me … the exercise of sitting with another, keeping eye contact for extended periods: Something about that process caused my mind to become very, very still. It was as still as though I’d been on an intense meditation retreat for several days.
    - Ryu Yoshida
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