Most everyone loves to feel wanted, needed, adored, cherished, and special. Those are all beautiful things in and of themselves. But when the constant craving for the approval of others colors most of your interactions and relationships, it can have the exact opposite effect. You feel unworthy, unloved, out of control, not special. And so, to not "rock the boat" with those from which you seek this approval, you begin to cater to all of THEIR needs, while YOUR needs take a distant backseat, if they are even met at all.

This catering to other people, even if they are addicted to drugs, abusive, or disrespectful, is a condition that has come to be known as co-dependence. Most people get a general idea in their minds when they think of someone who is co-dependent. Needy, clingy, smothering. Then one day you realize, oh no, could that really be the way others see me? I just thought I was extra loving and caring! When did I lose the sense of who I really am? And is there any way to balance my love for others while still keeping my own sense of self and personal power? The answer is a resounding yes!

All is not lost, and there is a great hope for you today. Read on to discover the gentle, simple, yet incredibly powerful Method that has helped thousands of other people just like you create happier, more fulfilling relationships than you ever imagined possible...

Letting Go While Loving Big

There are deeper reasons behind your co-dependence. Reasons like wanting approval, control, or a sense of security. That is totally natural! The trap in it though is seeking any of those things externally - through relationships. The Sedona Method Audio Course will show you step-by-step how to find that centered sense of approval, control, security, inner peace, and harmony quicker than you ever dreamed.

You can make your co-dependence a thing of the past, never to be revisited. All of the tools you need are within yourself, and this amazingly simple, yet powerful Course will show you exactly how to tap into that infinite source of personal empowerment and emotional wellness. Find your identity again.

Discover who you are, and fall in love with yourself, maybe for the first time ever. When you love, approve of, and feel secure within yourself, then miraculous things begin to happen all around you, including receiving the exact things you were needing from your relationships!