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Co-dependency Relationships

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  • Co-dependency Relationships

    Are you having problems with co-dependency relationships? The Sedona Method offers a solution for co-dependency relationships. It will give you the tools for successfully becoming independent. Practice The Sedona Method and begin a process of self discovery and maximized potential. The modern individual has surpassed the bondages of involuntary servitude and the meta-languages of truth and ideology. You are only limited by your capacity to interact and perform. You matter only as far as you succeed at becoming independent and the Sedona Method will help.

    Why is a co-dependency relationship dangerous?

    Co-dependency relationships keep you from becoming independent. Remaining in such a relationship is like handing the keys to your life over to drunk driver. The Sedona Method will put you back in the driver’s seat. Terms like “truth,” and “meaning” have become old-fashioned and useless. The secret of the Sedona Method will show you how to succeed and bypass the detours of empty value.

    What if I become dependent on the Sedona Method?

    The Sedona Method promotes the individual’s autonomy and success in becoming independent. It is a broad program which will develop self reliance, cultivate self confidence, and put an end to your co-dependency issues. Becoming dependent on the Sedona Method therefore implies a misunderstanding of the Method and ignorance of the Secret.
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