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Co-Dependency Support Groups: How the Sedona Method Will Help You Break Free

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  • Co-Dependency Support Groups: How the Sedona Method Will Help You Break Free

    The term co-dependence was created in the 1970's when it became clear that the loved ones of substance abuse addicts were also suffering terribly, in some ways even more than the addicts themselves! The anguish comes about because of the internal conflict to help stop the pain of your addicted loved one, while at the same time trying not to perpetuate the addiction (which is called enabling). Many people suffering from co-dependency look to others for emotional support and empathy, which is completely understandable. Then, in the 1990's the concept of co-dependence was expanded further to include a relationship in which one person seems to "enable" any type of negative behavior of another, and not just substance abuse addiction. Basically, co-dependency now pretty much includes everyone. It doesn't have to. Read on to discover the miraculous Method by which thousands of other people just like you have used to transform their lives from one of co-dependence to one filled will personal empowerment on all levels...

    Keep Caring While Letting Go of the Co-Dependence

    Loving and nurturing someone is not a disease and it certainly isn't bad or wrong nor should it be a lifelong issue to struggle with. However, there is that fine line between loving someone with your whole heart and giving away your personal sense of power. This happens often in quite subtle ways until over time you feel completely like you have no sense of who you are any more, because your whole world revolves around what your loved one thinks, feels, and wants. The next thing you know you don’t even remember if your favorite was chocolate or vanilla; you just have whatever he wants.

    You begin putting aside your own personal needs to buy her something that she doesn't even really need in the simple hopes that she will smile at least once. You have to learn to say NO. The truth is after time you can completely lose your own personal identity, along with your own sense of inner peace, emotional wellness, and happiness. And it's not the other person's fault, or yours. It is one of those easy emotional traps to fall into but very difficult to get back out. So you become co-dependent upon your co-dependency support groups , which only serve to keep your co-dependency going in a vicious cycle from which you can't seem to break free. What if there was a way you could get out quickly, easily, and without having to rely on co-dependency support groups where you have to rehash personal details over and over without any real resolution to the problem? The good news - there is!

    The Sedona Method Audio Course will gently teach you, step by step, the Power of One. The power of yourself! You can reclaim your own personal power quicker than you've ever dreamed. Remember who you ARE and take back your identity. Do it for yourself and your loved ones. Order Now.

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