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Co-dependency: Learn How to Give, Care, and Nurture Versus Enable

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  • Co-dependency: Learn How to Give, Care, and Nurture Versus Enable

    In the 1970's a movement was started in the counseling circles to help those persons in relationships of any kind with loved ones gripped by addiction. These people, if they made excuses and tried to "cover" for the addicted person were said to be "enabling" the addiction and referred to from then on as co-dependent. The co-dependent persons were encouraged to join a 12-step program to help empower themselves to stop enabling their loved one's addictions. But what does all of that really mean? It means, simply that when a loved one is struggling with addiction, you can lose your own personal power, health, and sense of well-being when you try to help them at your own expense. This causes deep emotional trauma for the truly co-dependent person. It can be almost more traumatizing for the loved ones than for the addicts themselves! The good news is if you are struggling with a loved one's addictions, The Sedona Method can help you finally relate to, protect, and care for your beloved without sacrificing your own personal power. This kind of co-dependency is a real condition (NOT a disease, like some would have you believe) that can be overcome in a gentle manner and more quickly than you've ever imagined. Read on to discover the Method that has helped thousands of other people just like you to reclaim their own personal sense of empowerment.

    Separating Co-dependent Myth from Truth

    The line between enabling and nurturing of an addict is fuzzy at best. And trying the "tough love" thing can be heartbreaking as well. Since when did caring about someone you love become a major psychological condition? The truth is, it isn't. And, at the same time, the world of the addict is so chaotic for the loved ones who are painful witnesses to that addiction. An addict can be very convincing in order to get what he wants. She will stop at nothing to accomplish getting her next fix. Even if that means making you feel guilty, manipulating you into giving money, constantly having to be "bailed out" of bad situations, and making everyone walk on eggshells around them. It is so hard because you know your loved one is a good person who just happens to be struggling right now. What if there was a possibility that you could just LET GO of all of that inner conflict that you feel, regardless of what is going on with your addicted loved one? The good news is, you can. The Sedona Method Audio Course will gently guide you step by step towards acceptance, serenity, and harmony. It is possible to nurture your loved one AND keep your own sense of personal power and inner peace. Become the calm in the storm, and Order Now
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