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Codependent personality

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  • Codependent personality

    Why do I have a co-dependent personality?

    Constantly feeling unappreciated, having no self worth or a lack of confidence and the inability to stand up for one’s self are causes of the co-dependent personality. We look to others for approval, validation, and security. Someone becomes co-dependent when he is unable to value his own abilities and attributes.

    How will the Sedona Method help me if I am feeling unappreciated?

    The Sedona Method will show you how each person has the ability to unlock the Secret and your own innate ability to achieve any goal you set for yourself. As you put the Secret to work in your life you will suddenly find that anything is possible. You will no longer suffer feeling unappreciated and your co-dependent personality will change. Others will notice your new ability at finding happiness and securing success.

    Is there hope for the co-dependent personality?

    A co-dependent personality will keep you back, always relying on others rather than realizing your own potential. The Sedona Method will teach you how to rely on yourself and how to build the confidence necessary to be successful and find happiness. By utilizing the universal and ancient knowledge contained within the Secret, any co-dependent personality will be transformed through the ability to achieve anything.
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