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How to Deal with Emotional Pain Experienced From a Loved One's Physical Pain

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  • How to Deal with Emotional Pain Experienced From a Loved One's Physical Pain

    No one ever wants to see one of their loved ones sick or in pain. So when it happens, the emotional impact on you can be intense. You may feel helpless, like there is nothing that you can do, and in many ways this can feel worse than physical pain because emotional pain has a way of coloring every second of your day, and lingering for months or even years.

    Seeing a loved one in pain is, in fact, no less distressing than being the one who is in pain. It is an emotional trauma that must be dealt with, lest it lead to changes in your mood, a strain on the relationship and even physical symptoms like headaches, nausea and chest pain.

    It is also next to impossible to support a sick family member or friend if you are not emotionally well.

    “If someone is suffering, and you join them in their suffering, you both fall into the same hole,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates.

    You may realize this logically, but how do you deal with the emotional pain you still inevitably feel?

    “The best way to help another is to let go yourself, then love and support your loved one exactly as they are,” Dwoskin says.

    What this means is that you must let go of your fears, your anger, your guilt, and your feelings of helplessness, because only then will you be able to support your loved one in a positive way. And by asking yourself three easy-to-learn questions, The Sedona Method can teach you how to release the emotional pain that your loved one's pain is bringing up inside of you.

    “You should let go of wanting to control the person’s experience, and let go of wanting to be controlled by what they are experiencing,” Dwoskin points out.

    “Listen to them, support them, and then allow yourself to let go of whatever that brings up inside of you,” he continues. “The more you let go with The Sedona Method the more you support them in letting go and moving up as well.”

    For more details on how The Sedona Method can help you deal with emotional pain, please take a few minutes to read through this moving excerpt from Marci Shimoff's (The Secret teacher and best-selling author) new book, Happy for No Reason.

    You’ll find that, even in the face of emotional trauma, the more you use The Sedona Method the more it’s possible, and actually quite simple, to still feel at peace.
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