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Deal with Rejection to Turn it to Your Advantage Here's How!

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  • Deal with Rejection to Turn it to Your Advantage Here's How!

    Nobody likes to be rejected yet everyone, at some point or another, will be. Whether it's your date for the prom, your application for a credit card or your request for a promotion, getting turned down is a part of life, albeit one of the more unpleasant ones.

    Naturally, when you are rejected, either from a work or personal perspective, feelings are inevitably hurt and your self-esteem takes a hit. But what if you could turn being rejected around, and deal with it in such a way that it actually benefits you and leaves you on top?

    You can, in fact, use rejection to your advantage and it's not difficult to do. The next time someone turns you down, here's how to turn the rejection into a triumph.

    How to Deal With Rejection And Turn it Into a Success

    1. Ask Questions. Ask the rejecter, in a calm, respectable manner, why he or she is rejecting you. This will help you to better understand the situation (so you won't automatically assume the worst) and can help you improve for next time.

    2. Don't Take it Personally. 'It is important to realize that whatever someone says or does that appears to cause you pain is often if not always not personal,' says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

    'We often say and do things unconsciously or automatically because most of us are so controlled by how we feel. So when someone says or does something that is hurtful, do your best to let go of how you feel and not take it personally,' he says.

    Learning to let go is actually a simple process that is engrained in all of us. However, most up us need to relearn the powerful act of letting go, and The Sedona Method is a scientifically proven tool to help you do just that.

    3. Embrace Your Failure. Being rejected is akin to failing, which isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. It is quite unusual, in fact, for people to succeed without first having failed, and you can easily learn to use failure as your prerequisite to success.

    4. Accept the Rejection. Accepting being rejected means that you have come to terms with what happened and have moved on. If you are have not yet accepted the rejection, you may still be feeling depressed, wondering where things went wrong or wishing things had turned out differently.

    You can learn to accept being rejected by letting go of your hurt feelings with The Sedona Method, and remembering that only you have the power to determine how you feel.

    'We are in charge of how we feel. No one can really hurt us emotionally unless we let them,' Dwoskin says. 'So if you feel someone has hurt you, recognize that whether or not what they said or did was inappropriate you can choose to let go and take your own power back as opposed to allowing yourself to be controlled emotionally by other people's actions.'
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