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Why Failure is Your Best Friend if You Ever Wish to Succeed

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  • Why Failure is Your Best Friend if You Ever Wish to Succeed

    When it comes to U.S. presidents, Abraham Lincoln ranks way up there. Many even call him the greatest of all. But his rise to the top was not without challenges, or should we say all-out failures.

    Long before Abe Lincoln became president, and even afterward, his life was bathed in defeat. He suffered a nervous breakdown at age 27, after which he was turned down for his first marriage proposal. At age 29, he ran for Illinois Speaker of the House -- and lost. He ran for Congress -- and lost. He was elected to Congress on the third try, only to lose when up for re-election, along with earning defeats on two more Senate runs and a run for vice president.

    Even after Lincoln was elected President, he was not without critics. When he delivered the Gettysburg Address, now one of the most famous and most-quoted speeches of all time, audiences felt it was a failure, and the Chicago Times called it “silly, flat and dishwatery.”

    What is there to be learned from Lincoln ’s stream of failures? It was his attitude, his perception, of these failures that led him to great success. He rose to the challenge even in the face of adversity and, where others may have folded, went on to become one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history.

    Your Perception of Failure Means Everything

    When it comes to success, few people achieve it without first having failed. Failure, it seems, is a prerequisite to success. However, it is how you perceive failure, and what you do with it, that makes all the difference.

    It is necessary to expect that sometimes you will fail, but when you do, rather than fearing it, embrace it. Learn from the failure and move forward, not allowing yourself to be brought down.

    Persevering through failure is not always easy, particularly because we live in a society that encourages innovation, yet punishes failure. No one wants to be the one left behind, but no one wants to be the one to put himself out there and fall flat on his face, either. It is possible, however, to be innovative, confident and successful, without the dreaded downside of failing.

    How to Embrace Failure to Gain Success

    The answer to using failure to your advantage is two-fold. First, overcome the fear of failure that may be holding you back. Realize that taking risks is the only way to excel in life, and those who are afraid to do so will not move forward.

    You can overcome your fear of failure by releasing the unwanted feelings using the scientifically proven Sedona Method. This system shows you how to release your anxiety, your defensiveness and your fear of failure so that you'll see solutions instead of problems. You will learn how to move forward from any challenge in your life, be proactive and win every time.

    The second part of using failure to succeed is establishing a strong sense of confidence. If your self-esteem is low, you may sell yourself short or not even try to achieve your goals. Just as The Sedona Method can help you to release your fear of failure, the Method can also help you release the negative feelings contributing to your low self-esteem.

    As you use your natural ability to release, you’ll create a solid, positive mental attitude that will help you succeed where others might fail.

    And remember, don’t take failure personally. Instead of letting it get you down, turn the failure into a positive by figuring out where you went wrong. Pick yourself up, try again and keep trying until you achieve whatever it is you most desire.
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