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Developing Your Intuition: How to Identify & Listen to Your 'Gut Instincts'

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  • Developing Your Intuition: How to Identify & Listen to Your 'Gut Instincts'

    Intuition can present itself in infinite ways. A feeling not to turn down a certain street. A hunch to buy a lottery ticket. An innate knowledge of the right choices to make in life.

    If you think you don't use intuition much in your daily life, think again.

    'We process vast amounts of information,' says psychology professor Maria Hunt, dean of the School of Behavioral and Social Science at Avila University. 'Most of our everyday thinking, feeling and acting are outside of our conscious awareness.'

    It's at this deeper level that many decisions are made, even in practical, every day situations like deciding who to hire for a job. In fact, according to The Creative Group, 46 percent of hiring managers say they rely 'very much' on instinct when deciding whom to hire. Another 49 percent said they follow their instincts 'some of the time.'

    Why is Developing Your Intuition Important?

    Intuition is knowledge or cognition gained without any rational, intellectual thought or effort. There are often times in life when, indeed, a problem cannot be solved by mere intellect alone. There is more that needs to be addressed, something that requires a certain measure of creativity, experience and inspiration.

    It is in solving these challenges (and they range from the biggest (should I take this job offer or go for my dream of being a singer?) to the most, seemingly, mundane (should I eat at this cafe or the one across the street?) that intuition becomes indispensable.

    As you develop and follow your intuition, you will find that your self-confidence increases, and that you solve difficult problems with ease, experience joy in life, become more efficient, accelerate your spiritual awakening and make mistakes less often.

    Developing Your Intuition: How to Do It

    One of the keys to developing your intuition is to use it. This, of course, requires you to be able to identify it and then harness it in a practical way. The good news is that every one of you has intuition.

    'Everyone has intuitive knowingness at their core; it simply requires an uncovering to be accessed,' says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

    'When you are open to this intelligence of the heart,' he continues, 'it guides you in the right direction to do what is best for you and those around you.'

    This is because most of us have buried our intuition deep inside, and may even be actively repressing it. When an opportunity arrives to follow your gut instinct, instead you use your more rational, logical intellect to make the decision. The more you do this, the harder it will be to tap into your inborn intuition.

    What is curious is that Americans devote many years to developing their intellectual mind, but often try to squelch their intuitive one. This is to your great disadvantage because when you combine your intellect with your intuition, you will be guided in the right direction every time.

    If your intuition is currently hiding somewhere inside of you, The Sedona Method is a powerful tool to help you access your intuitive powers and higher consciousness.

    The Method will guide you in the experience of 'letting go,' which is key to releasing your intuition. You may not yet realize it, but you are likely holding on to self-limiting beliefs (doubt, fear, anxiety) that are dampening your own personal growth.

    The Sedona Method shows you how to release these negative feelings (which are NOT the same thing as intuition) so that your mind is open to feeling all of its intuitive knowingness.

    'There is a very simple way to use The Sedona Method to expand your intuition and identify it from emotions',' Dwoskin says. 'Intuition and emotional reaction can often start out feeling the same. They may even appear to arise from the same place. However, if you use The Sedona Method and let go of the emotion you are having in the moment, if what you are feeling is intuition you will experience quiet and clarity.'

    'If it is simply an emotional reaction, the feeling will only lessen,' he continues. 'However, if you keep releasing with The Sedona Method, the feeling will simply disappear, leaving behind your intuition.'
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