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How to Diffuse Your Anger at Work: 5 Key Tips You Need to Know

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  • How to Diffuse Your Anger at Work: 5 Key Tips You Need to Know

    If you look around your office, one in four of your co-workers likely feels somewhat 'angry all the time' while they're at work, according to a Yale/Gallup poll. Perhaps it's even YOU who finds yourself constantly hot around the collar while you're on the job.

    Most often, people feel angry at work because of the actions of their supervisors and managers, the poll found. Coworkers and other employees also anger many, as do others not being productive on the job, tight deadlines or a heavy workload.

    Anger in any situation is not ideal, but anger at work represents a particularly risky situation. Why? Because work is something that most people feel they have no choice in. They HAVE to go in to work, no matter how frustrating or unhappy it makes them feel. Then, rather like a caged animal, the person who feels they have no way out of their frustrating situation will eventually explode.

    “Chronic anger is associated with a sapping of energy and interest at work," the study’s authors wrote. "Moreover, related results suggest that the depressive tendencies related to chronic anger may have to do with 'feeling stuck' in one's job: the more difficult respondents expected it would be to find another job they would like, the higher their ratings of chronic anger."

    If left to fester, unmanaged anger and stress can even turn violent.

    Nearly 20 percent of the entire U.S. workforce claim they have experienced an episode of workplace violence first-hand, according to the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc. (AAOHN).

    Keeping Your Cool: How to Avoid Anger at Work

    It's important for you to remain calm and collected at work not only for the sake of your job but also for your own sanity. As angry as you may feel, you are always in control of your feelings, and relief is as simple as being able to let the bad ones go.

    This is the premise behind The Sedona Method, a simple tool that has helped hundreds of thousands of people to find happiness, peace and success. It works by teaching you how to 'release,' and once you learn it, you'll find that you can keep your cool, and feel at ease, even under the most intense pressure.

    Any time you begin to feel your temperature rising while you’re on the job, Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of The Sedona Training Associates, recommends these tips to stay cool.

    1. Remember that you are not your job.
    2. Remember to work to support your life rather than living to work.
    3. Know that the people who are causing the reactions inside of you are themselves under stress and pressure, and that it is not personal to you even when it seems that way. 'You are all living in the same pressure cooker,' Dwoskin says.
    4. Let go of your reactions and your resistance. 'The best way to let go of your steam is to let go of your reactions to whatever is happening,' Dwoskin says, 'and to allow yourself to let go of resisting both the tasks you have to do and the people that you work with. The more you let go of resisting the easier everything becomes.'
    5. Don't live by the clock. 'Allow yourself to have the attitude that you have all the time in the world, and still do things in a timely manner,' Dwoskin says. 'This attitude will help dissolve your stress.'
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