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Why are people willing to risk their health to lose weight?

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    Originally posted by DelilahCertifiedSMCoach View Post
    Hi Eren24!

    Yes, zannierose's suggestion to write up a goal statement for yourself around this issue is extremely useful if you release on the goal statement.

    Also, you can release on what thoughts and feelings come up when you are around yummy food. When we eat when we aren't hungry, even if the food is yummy, we are using the food for things other than hunger. The way to release on food and our behavior around food is to make a deal with yourself that allows you to eat whatever you want as long as you release before you eat.

    Let us now how things unfold,
    I think you are right Delilah! Maybe with the stress I have experiencing over work make me eat a more even when I’m not hungry. From 198 lbs. to 100 lbs. last 2 years due to exercise and diet but now I think I'm gaining weight.


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      Corset diet has helped me many times. Who is interested can read here . In the first stages, to reduce the size of the stomach is the best method, you simply start eating smaller portions and no harm to health.
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        Many peoples take medicines for weight loss but they are harmful and have a side effects. Many peoples do not take food properly this also harmful for our health. It increase metabolism and weakness. Take a healthy food.


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          There is no uncertainty the utilization of the load lose pills are not best for the more extended time frame, so we don't take such sort of pills without the authorization of good specialists

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            In my opinion, overweight could also cause a lot of serious health issues. So, it is better to take fewer calories and do more exercise to burn the calories. I am not in favor of any weight reduction pills. These could be harmful to health. Secondly, I don't think that dieting could cause any health risk, but people should have to focus on a quality diet. However, if you are a mother and want to give shape your belly area only then try some ginger tea with honey and try to use a good waist trainer ( ) to get a slim waist.