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Five Top Tips to Improve Your Concentration

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  • Five Top Tips to Improve Your Concentration

    Concentration, the direction of all our thoughts and efforts toward one particular task or idea, at the exclusion of all others, is one of our greatest gifts as human beings. It is through concentration that we are able to solve problems, make decisions, complete tasks and ultimately succeed in life and as a species.

    Yet, concentrating is not easy.

    As soon as you begin to concentrate, it demands all of your mental energy, and this is probably not something your mind is accustomed to. More likely, your mind is running in a handful of different directions so that while you’re trying to concentrate on the task at hand, you’re also wondering what to cook for dinner and hoping you turned off the coffee pot, all while thinking about a conversation you had with a friend, along with why you’re not losing weight despite being on a diet for a week.

    Clearly this doesn’t lend itself to focus and attentiveness. As a result, many of us could use a few tips to improve our concentration, and we’ve compiled some of the top ones here.

    How to Improve Your Concentration

    1. Let go of your conflicting emotions. Those thoughts that go through your head every time you need to concentrate? The Sedona Method can show you how to not only turn them off, but actually get rid of them for good.

    “The biggest distraction from concentration for most people is their internal mental noise and internal conflicting emotions,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates. “The busier you are inside, the less focused you are outside and the harder it is to concentrate. So the simplest way to clear your mind and to refocus on the task at hand is to allow yourself to welcome whatever thoughts or feelings you are having in this moment and let them go as best you can.”

    2. Take a break. It’s not only children who have a hard time focusing on one thing for too long. Adults, too, need to give their minds a break after they’ve been concentrating for a while. Going for a quick walk, doing some quick releases, or chatting with a friend is often just what you need to get back on track.

    3. Write down your tasks. Get a notepad and jot down everything you need to get done today. After you’ve completed the list, use The Sedona Method to release on the action steps (the steps you need to take to complete your list of tasks).

    “Just writing down the things you need to do will help you put them to rest for now so you can concentrate on the job at hand,” Dwoskin says. “But releasing on these tasks will help you even more. One of the most commonly reported benefits of using The Sedona Method is a clearer, calmer and more focused mind.”

    4. Work in bite-sized pieces. Sometimes we have trouble concentrating because we feel overwhelmed; the job is just too big to handle, so we resist doing it at all. In times like these, focus on doing just a small piece of the job and don’t worry about the rest. As you continue completing the small pieces, eventually the entire project will be complete as well.

    5. Be in the moment. Concentration and living in the present go hand in hand, because if you’re truly living in the moment, the ONLY thing you focus on is that very moment. Suddenly your thoughts about the past or the future no longer seem as important as what is here, now.

    By letting go of your thoughts about the past and the future using The Sedona Method, you’ll learn to live in the present and become free to just be immersed in the moment right now.
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    thanks a lot a lot for sharing. My younger bro is doing his bachelors in computer sciences and obviously he needs
    it to be thin and sharp in logic development. Thanks again for sharing. Keep it up!