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How to End the Frustration of Not Meeting ithe Ideal Mate Once and for All

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    Finding love . . . this is always an interesting topic! While I too would like to have that special man in my life, I have found that my attitude in this matter has somehow changed over the past 4 months since using the Method. I have been so busy working on my other goals that I have not been thinking of a partner. When I read Kris’ and Dan’s offerings it occurred to me that my “wanting” of a mate seams to have dissolved. I did not intentionally release on finding Mr. Right, I guess I just let go as I let go of so many other “wantings” I find that I no longer experience that lonesomeness that I once felt! . . .It has just gone and it is a freeing experience. I have been busy using the method which has now effortlessly lead me to Fung Shui my home, and it has been fun doing it. I recently got the attention of a guy that I would have considered “a winner” a year ago. However, I did notice that he is very similar to men of the past . . .he speaks of himself as he is his money, his title, his boat and all the “big boy toys”, this love of money was exactly the downfall of my marriage. I was able to identify that I attract, like a magnet, those men that apparently “have it all” Don’t get me wrong gentlemen, I do like nice things, but I am looking for something other than “things” in a man. I know the perfect man for me will be a “releaser” also. In the meantime, I’m getting on with me life.

    I have just purchased my ticket for the December seminar (25%off) and looking forward to meeting perceived others and the likeminded. I had to laugh at Tim’s comment to you Dan about you having the dilemma of having to choose between a redhead, brunette or blond . . .Tim, Dan can have all three in one) we girls have the prerogative of changing our hair colour when the mood comes over us)



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      I know this is an old post but (I have asked this in another thread) it begs the question if all you need is inside you why seek a relationship? It seems those two ideas conflict with each other. Since all you need is found inside there is NO need to find someone.


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        Originally posted by solaris View Post
        I know this is an old post but (I have asked this in another thread) it begs the question if all you need is inside you why seek a relationship? It seems those two ideas conflict with each other. Since all you need is found inside there is NO need to find someone.
        That's correct. There's no need and no seeking.
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          My question was really deeper. I was throwing it out to the community why even bother entering into any relationship when all we need is in ourselves. It seems to me that if we contain all we need within why interact without. So in the case of looking for a mate why even bother entering into a relationship with someone when you don't need anything from him/her (the without). It seems futile to me.

          As for seeking in general one still seeks in the form of goals. Lester stated you should set goals and release on them. You still focus on goals you just don't get upset when they don't happen fast enough. Eckhart Tolle also echos this as does Hale Dwoskin. Goals, which are a form of seeking, still should be set and "seeked" you simply remove the emotional component.


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            What you are does not and never did enter into any relationship, or need any relationship. When you realize yourself to be that, free of wanting, there's no question of relationship. All is simply Beingness, your own Self. The appearance of relationship, action and all the rest of it continues, but it is not experienced that way. It is known as simplicity, Oneness, Beingness. No wanting. No relationship.
            Susan Seifert
            Certified Sedona Method Coach
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              There is no need for a relationship, thus why ever enter one period. They would seem rather pointless.


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                Well what about this Solaris........there's wanting and needing, and basically spontaneous happening in any moment right here right now......."no" anything may be resistance or may not and beyond.........opening to what is happening or not happening in any moment is what is.........being that natural safe and harm freeness already born within........and being that which is love and the awareness of it right here right now ........


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                  I understand all the oneness and living in the moment and all. I get that no person "completes" you because you are complete by yourself. Thus a relationship has nothing to offer because you have everything you need and desire within yourself. So again none of these posts answer the question why ever bother being in any kind of relationship as the other party can not offer you one thing due to you having it all already.

                  Therefore, as stated, relationships seem totally pointless as you will get nothing from them. It would seem the monks that spend time by themselves have it right here. They do not require anything from the world without, other than food and water, they have everything from the world within.


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                    Juat a release away!! ...


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                      It definitely could be just a release way. The only thing I would add is just don't get upset if it takes additional releasing. The key is keep releasing and setting goals with positive expectations. That is the path to creating what you prefer in your life.


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                        Originally posted by Annrika James View Post
                        Hi Kris,

                        Oftentimes, it can be wording the goal clearly and precisely that can be the most powerful, and being willing to let go of settling for less.
                        Hi Annie
                        Felt good after hearing your story.. but i want to ask you something abt wording the goals..
                        I can word my goals precisely and clearly relating to what i want , and have no desire to settle for less
                        But in the book , hale suggest to word your goal so it seems realistic and real for you..
                        Like if you want 10,000 $ a week, you might word it 2500 a week cause 10,000 might be too big a jump for your mind..
                        Now if i reword my goals after this suggestion, i don't feel enthusiastic abt my goals
                        But when i aks myself qs "is this goal realistic and real for you"abt the goal that i feel enthusiastic i get a no..
                        I want to word it precisely cause i feel enthusiastic abt it
                        So suggest something..


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                          Hi Kahn,

                          It seems like you might be getting too hung up on the wording. The true purpose of goal setting is to invite up everything in the way of fully living/being the abundance and aliveness that you are. The ultimate goal!

                          My suggestion would be to word a goal in a way that evokes that which you already are, i.e "I allow myself to be the abundance that I am with joy and ease"... and release all thoughts, feelings and beliefs in opposition to that.

                          The tendency is to look for happiness, security, satisfaction, and the sense that "I am enough" outside of ourselves...which is fleeting at best.

                          There's nothing wrong with setting goals for a specific amount or more, but just be aware that there's no guarantee. So, if you take this approach, keep releasing until it's okay whether or not you get the goal. In other words, until you're unconditionally accepting of the outcome.

                          Which ever approach you take (you could explore both), allow your innate courageousness to light the way and take positive, constructive actions for your highest and best good (and that of others if it involves clients, colleagues and/or loved ones).

                          I hope this is of help.

                          All the best,
                          Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
                          [email protected]


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                            I notice that a "relationship" can add to the joy by sharing and giving to the other because I want nothing from them but what they wish to give. It is being vertically aligned with the other to divinity rather than horizontally aligned solar plexus to solar plexus which is what most relationships seem to be.



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                              Hi Annie

                              Thank you for your detailed reply.. i've been waiting for it..
                              Though my goal is actually body related and i used money as an example .. even then the reply is useful.
                              Coaches and instructor here are very loving and supportive

                              Thanks again.


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                                I just saw this thread.

                                what if you don't want a perfect relationship with the "one". what if all you want is load of one night stands? how do you go about releasing on that?