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Qualities that Indicate Your Progress with Releasing

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  • Qualities that Indicate Your Progress with Releasing

    Here is a list of 10 qualities that indicate how much you have progressed in your releasing journey. The deeper you go in releasing the more stronger these qualities are developed in you. This list is not an absolute standard to gauge our progress but it does help to know where you are to a great extent. The list is intended to reflect, introspect and gauge our own growth with releasing, not for judging or gauging anyone else. A conscious effort towards developing any of these qualities in not recommended, since these qualities are like the fruits of your releasing. Hope you'd find this list useful and worth referring to from time to time.

    1. WISDOM: Wisdom is innate to us all and is ever-present. It is not something that is created within us as we keep releasing, instead, we are able to be in touch with our innate wisdom more easily and frequently as we let go of our attachments and aversions. The more you progress with releasing the more your innate wisdom manifests through your actions in all areas of your life.

    2. ENERGY/EFFICIENCY/EFFORTLESSNESS: Releasing keeps on unblocking our suppressed vital energy through letting go of our AGFLAP emotions, which results in our actions becoming more wholesome and effortless.
    We find that we are less easily exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally, and are able to conserve our vital energy far more efficiently. Success and abundance (both internal as well as external) manifest more effortlessly in life.

    3. LOVING-KINDNESS: The more you keep shedding your cravings and aversions through releasing, the more you manifest love and compassion towards yourself as well as all beings. You find yourself less and less capable of holding on to feelings of enmity, jealousy and hatred towards others. You become more able to naturally and genuinely connect with others. The habit of being judgmental toward everyone and everything starts to dissipate slowly.

    4. EQUANIMITY/MENTAL BALANCE: The deeper you go in releasing your mental caliber for equanimity keeps getting strengthened. Circumstances do not bother you that much no matter how challenging they seem. AGFLAP emotions may still appear in your consciousness from time to time but you are not so energetically invested in them as you used to before you came into releasing, so, you are able to let go of them easily.

    5. GENEROSITY: This can be characterized by unattached and unconditional generosity, giving and letting go. You realize that the more you give to others, the more you receive. Your innate wisdom starts guiding you as to when, where, how, what, whom and how much to give.

    6. MORALITY/VIRTUE/INTEGRITY: The more you keep letting go, the more you naturally realize that mutuality and harmlessness towards everyone is the most healthy approach to living, which become your guiding principles in life. Your thoughts, words and deeds become more pure, wholesome and beneficial to others, since you are getting less and less caught in your own attachments and aversions.

    7. PATIENCE/FORBEARANCE: This quality is about exercising patience toward behavior or situations that might not necessarily deserve it. You are able to patiently deal with trying situations while maintaining equanimity and are able to forgive more quickly. You don't practice being patient, it just develops in you and manifests naturally through you as you go deeper in releasing

    8. TRUTHFULNESS/HONESTY: The deeper you go in releasing the more the ego's crooked ways which are based on craving and aversion, are relinquished. Truthfulness then naturally manifests more and more through your actions.

    9. RESOLVE/FIRM DETERMINATION: You are able to make wise decisions quickly since you are constantly in touch with your innate wisdom, and also are able to effortlessly stick to whatever right course of action you have determined to be taken in any circumstance.

    10. DETACHMENT (HOOTLESS-NESS): You start manifesting a natural freedom and ease with regard to everything that happens in your life, be it good or bad. You become less and less concerned with future outcomes and more and more grounded in the present moment.
    What, in this moment, is lacking?