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Kids Anger Management - Stay in Control with the Help of The Sedona Method

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  • Kids Anger Management - Stay in Control with the Help of The Sedona Method

    Is your child angry, frustrated, and flies "out of control" or throws temper tantrums frequently? Does this situation leave you feeling resentful and angry yourself? Do you feel guilty, that somehow you are failing as a parent because your children act out in an aggressive, belligerent, or even violent manner, no matter what you try to do to help them? If so, you are not alone. Millions of other parents are experiencing the same heartbreaking scenario, dealing with their kids anger management every single day. The good news is your search is over. You have found the answer at long last! Read on, to discover the remarkable Method that has helped thousands of others just like you:

    The Origins of Childhood Rage

    Anger is essentially what is referred to as a "secondary emotion," masking a deeper core emotion like fear, for example. Anger has also been referred to as a defense mechanism - to shield from the emotion behind it. It has to do with a feeling of helplessness. Many so-called professionals teach that anger is actually healthy! Yet, your common sense dictates that that is simply not true. The truth is, most of us as children were never taught anger management in a constructive manner as they arise. We are taught to "stuff " our anger inside which only builds more anger. And, we begin to identify ourselves as the feeling of anger. Has your child ever uttered a phrase similar to "Sissy made me SO MAD?" Wouldn't it feel so good if you could give your child a lifelong skill for transforming anger NOW, like you wish you had been given? The beautiful truth is: now you can! The Sedona Method Audio Course will teach you step by step how to transform your own anger, and you will then be able to teach your child this critical life skill. It's really that simple. Free E-mail Course Sampler Plus the Opportunity to receive DVD and CD! Special Offer!
    Addicted to Adrenaline

    The continued anger that your child (and you) experiences, can have far more negative effects than just societal issues. The state of anger causes an increase in the heart rate, spikes the blood pressure, secretes an inordinate amount of hormones, and elevates adrenaline levels. Your children (and you) simply cannot physically afford to be in this state continually. The constant spikes in these physical conditions can lead to early-in-life heart problems, exhaustion, and hormone imbalances, or a host of other painful ailments. This isn't the kind of life you ever wanted for yourself or your child! Anger is dangerous and deadly for your child's long-term health. The Sedona Method Audio Course will teach you how to move through these emotions in a healthy manner. You can then, in turn, teach your child and add quality years to both of your lives! Begin your family's path to healing and Order Now

    The cure? Well, you could go to long, drawn out, uncomfortable, and expensive anger counseling or therapy, which might help somewhat. Or you could attend what is referred to as "anger management classes, " which will yield similar results to counseling. Or you could do something real, RIGHT NOW. You can change your life for the better, and in turn, help your beloved child become the happy individual you want him to be. You can help her find inner peace, love and joy, by finding it yourself. The The Sedona Method Audio Course is easy to follow, and will help you and your family to transform your lives immediately. You no longer have to suffer the guilt and frustration of trying to help your angry child in vain. The Course will show you step by step everything you need to empower yourself and your child to have the quality of life that you both deserve. Make the best decision you could ever make for your child and yourself: Need more information?
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