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The Secret Strategy to (Truly) Lose Weight & Take Back Control of Your Body

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  • The Secret Strategy to (Truly) Lose Weight & Take Back Control of Your Body

    Because over 2/3 of the population is now considered clinically overweight, the following question is one of the most common asked by those who want to know more about how The Sedona Method works and can help them.

    This Q&A exchange is designed to give you immediate benefit just by reading and following along. With further exploration, you will learn how consistently to access your natural ability to let go of any unwanted feeling in the moment and free yourself to have all that your heart desires.

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    How can I use The Sedona Method to lose weight?

    I imagine that you have a tendency to eat an extra dessert or snack after dinner, or to eat dessert and snacks more often than you should. In this situation a lot of us would decide, 'Oh, I'm not going to eat dessert anymore.' Well, that stringent commitment may last a couple of days, or, if we're really strong, a couple of weeks, and then we're back eating desserts again maybe even more than before.

    Here is another way to approach the dilemma when you're interested in having a dessert. Rather than saying, 'I'm never going to do it again,' make a pact with yourself: 'Look. You can have it if you want it, but release first.'

    The reason to release first is that all habit patterns are locked in by patterns of feeling. Certain feelings come up in our awareness, and the way we compensate for them is by taking a particular action, such as overeating. So when you release, you let go of the underlying cause or motivation for that particular habit.

    To go back to our example, let's say you're interested in having a piece of pie. If you tell yourself you can't have it, you just get into a push-pull situation. You miss it and then obsess over your missed piece of pie. You feel deprived. You do the boy-would-a-piece-of-pie-taste-good mantra, holding your desire in mind and this merely builds up inner pressure. Then you end up having the pie anyway, or two days later you break down and eat two pieces of pie instead of the original one.

    But if you first release whatever feeling is making you feel like you need to eat the pie, and then you let yourself have it if you still want it, it's easier. This creates the space to get into releasing around the habit, and you'll soon notice the habit drop away.

    An actress I know thought it was very important for obvious reasons because of her trade to be a certain weight. At the time of this story, she'd been trying to lose 20 pounds for over 20 years and could never reach what she considered her ideal size. She tried every diet imaginable. She exercised like a fiend. In fact, she was running so much that she destroyed her knees and couldn't run anymore. She had to find another aerobic exercise to do.

    In our live sessions we used to teach The Sedona Method over two weekends (now we teach it over one weekend) and the instructor suggested to her that, during the week in between, she try the little trick I described above: to let herself eat whatever she wanted as long as she released first. This helped her have a breakthrough.

    About two days later, she went out and had the first hot fudge sundae she'd had in years, and she actually enjoyed it and felt satisfied. However, because she was releasing before she reached for the food every time she ate that week, she lost five pounds in only five days. Within about six months, she had lost 20 pounds. It is now many years later, and the last time I saw her, she was still maintaining her ideal weight.

    If it's possible for this actress and the thousands of other people who have used this technique effectively, it's possible for you. And it's not complicated.

    Rather than trying to fix or change your habit, make a pact with yourself that the next time you want to reach for a dessert, a snack or a food that is not part of your dietary regimen, you can, if you still want to after you release. You'll notice that the habit overeating will fall away gradually, or very quickly. I've literally seen thousands of people lose weight easily this way. So, experiment with it on your own and you'll see that it's an effective way of achieving or maintaining your ideal weight.

    I am not sure I can do this. What can I do to make this more of a possibility for me?

    Be open to the possibility of taking control of your body.

    Be as open as you can to the possibility that shifting your thoughts and emotions can bring about positive shifts on a physical level, even with long-standing weight issues. Such results are well documented. In other words: To change your body, change your mind. Before I work with anyone on a physical issue in one of our classes, the first thing I do is check whether they're open to this possibility, or whether they have doubts about it.

    I recommend that you do the same now. Take a moment to check within yourself and find out if you are open to the possibility that releasing your emotions can improve your physical health and help you achieve and maintain your ideal body weight. If you are, great! Simply read on. If you are not open if there is any doubt in your mind at all allow yourself to feel the feeling you are having and then ask yourself, 'Could I let this feeling go? Would I? When?"

    Believe it or not, this step can make an enormous impact on your releasing process, as it cuts through resistance like a warm knife through butter. I have seen people let go of long-standing issues just in the process of accepting that it was possible.

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    Love yourself as you are.

    When you see that you are giving yourself a hard time for your current weight or any physical problem, do this brief exercise.

    First, notice the disapproval, and then simply ask yourself: "Could I let go of disapproving of myself?" Then, let go of disapproving of yourself as best you can. Continue until you have released your disapproval. Afterwards, take the process a step further by giving yourself approval for no reason.

    When you catch yourself disapproving of the part of your body that is causing you distress, ask yourself:

    "Could I let go of disapproving of my_____________ (body part)?" Then, shower the body part with as much love as you can in that moment. This extremely simple technique works wonders, I assure you.

    The more you let go of disapproving of yourself and your body, and the more you get in the habit of giving yourself approval for no reason, the happier and more alive you will feel, which will also definitely help you in any achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and supporting your healing process.

    I hope you find these suggestions helpful. They are just some of what is available to you through using The Sedona Method.
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