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    Originally posted by DelilahCertifiedSMCoach View Post
    Hi Tvnbski!

    Instead of trying to control your breath see if you can JUST OBSERVE your breath. Don't try to change or fix your breath. Just observe, follow it, notice what it is doing, this is a more orangic way to work with the breath and in and of itself is a very relaxing exploration. If you just observe it, ride it like a wave or just follow where it goes, notice if you are breathing slow or fast, deep or shallow, nose or mouth, and just allow it do what it is doing you will see that it effortlessly calms and opens and changes on its own, and is more satisfying and pleasurable.

    Welcome that actual experience that you are having. IOWs notice what is actually happening in any given moment. If it is uncomfortable usually that means we want to get rid of it. So see if that's true and if yes, welcome that too. then see if you can let go of wanting to get rid of what is happening. And the go back to allowing what is happening to just happen. Often what we call anxiety are a collection of sensations. If you can bring awareness to the sensations and let go of resisting them, "wanting to get rid of them" they will eventually subside. Allowing the sensations to do what they are doing may very well lead to them becoming more intense. If you can remember to breathe and keep allowing them to do what they are doing, even allow them to get as intense as the might, you are giving them an opportunity to let go. They will release if you welcome them, give them as much room as they need inside and allow them to do what they are doing, At first this may seem the opposite of what needs to happen but if you play around with this you'll eventually discover that the sensations are just energy trying to come up and release. Welcoming them, allowing them to come up, giving them as much room as they need inside will lead to them releasing and dissolving. Practice doing this as best you can each time you feel anxiety and eventually it will release and you'll see that there is nothing to be afraid of, that it is just energy trying to come up and release.

    Great thread and great response from Delilah. Thanks so much


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      I am not going to kick the bucket i am simply encountering something that resembles passing undermining conditions, they generally suggest pills since they doltish and view you as feeble, give yourself a chance to bite the dust, remain with it, keep running towards it

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        I simply have a question why those bad sensation and unsubscribed emotions that called anxiety happens to me. I sit calm in the room, everything looks fine but why I feel so bad inside... And when trying to let go it feels like I all the time amazingly tense and if I try to let go I feel that I starting to have panic attack, sensations that everything is spinning around me and I'm. Going to blow Its pretty scared