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Loss and Grief: Remembering the Good While Letting Go of the Sorrow

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  • Loss and Grief: Remembering the Good While Letting Go of the Sorrow

    It would be safe to say that grief is an epidemic of sorts in the world today. Look around you, and in the mirror, it is guaranteed you will find someone who is experiencing deep, heavy sorrow on some level. Fatal car accidents happen daily, along with kidnappings, rape, murder, death loss, war and its atrocities, tragic terminal illnesses, stillborn babies, deaths of beloved animals and family, financial crashes, even a sense of anguish over the loss of freedoms and democracy in the world. Our hearts are heavy-laden with a deep sense of regret and sadness over so many losses for which we were not ready. How do we even begin to breathe again when it feels like a part of us has died along with our loss? Truthfully, you can still live, even when it seems like you can't go on. Your grief is keeping you from living like you deserve. Read on, to unveil the Method that thousands of others just like you have discovered for coping with this unbearable weight, and for revealing how to live again, with inner peace, joy and love:Heartache and Anguish Transformed Into Joy and Peace

    A major trap of grief is the sense that somehow you are responsible for your loss; the regret over not doing "more" while whoever or whatever you lost was still around. Common quotes from the grief-stricken include: "I never got the chance to say goodbye. Oh why didn't I just buy her that toy she wanted? Wasn't there something more I could have done? Maybe I shouldn't have fed him that cheaper brand of dog food. If we could only watch one more sunset together, I'd be happy then. Why did God take this person, animal, or thing from me?" The truth is, these kinds of questions haunt us without answers, and leave us with two-ton chains around our already heavy hearts. The even deeper truth is we torture ourselves with our own sense of loss. Therefore, we can also empower and free ourselves with inner peace, joy and love. No one is saying that what you lost can ever be replaced. It can't. But you can find joy even in the face of terrible tragedy. The Sedona Method Audio Course will gently teach you step by step, as you are ready, to fill that empty space with joy instead of sadness and effectively deal with the loss and grief. It can really be that simple to be free. You are still alive, so live! Wouldn't your lost loved ones want you to be happy? Of course they do! Give yourself permission to live. You are worthy. You deserve the best in life. Breathe deep, and let your heart be freed from sorrow. Learn to laugh again. Learn how to let go and form a blueprint for prosperity. Begin the amazing journey of inner peace that you were destined for: Order Now
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