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Can anyone help me find a psychologist who does anxiety therapy in Toronto?

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  • Can anyone help me find a psychologist who does anxiety therapy in Toronto?

    Good morning friends,
    A little worry about our health is a good thing. It helps us stay healthy by practicing an annual health checkup. However, for some people, anxiety about health can be overwhelming. My mother belongs to that category. She gets tensed for even a small health issue. She used to have headaches often, and she consulted a doctor and he diagnosed and told that it's not a serious illness, it's a small headache. But she was not accepting the fact and used to say that she is having a brain tumor. My father said that she is showing the signs of health anxiety disorder and we need to take her to an anxiety therapy treatment in Toronto. But we are not familiar with any psychologists in Toronto. Can anyone help me find one?
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    Since you have not received a reply, I'll try my best. I live far from Toronto and do not know any psychologists there. If you can find a general psychologist in Toronto, they may be able to help or refer your mother to someone who can. I understand this forum focuses on releasing and The Sedona Method rather than referrals, but this forum does encourage people to consult licensed health professionals, including mental health professionals, when needed. It's perfectly fine to continue releasing while seeing a psychologist or other health professional, or when referring our family member to see one. Sending good wishes!