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Please guide me to find a couple counselor in Toronto?

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  • Please guide me to find a couple counselor in Toronto?

    Hello everyone,
    Alcoholism never affects just the person with the disease. It also affects the entire family. My husband is an alcoholic, every day he comes home drunk in the middle of the day. Due to his addiction, he was thrown out from his job. Apart from that, he becomes violent once drunk and says deeply painful words. Children are even scared of him due to his violent behavior. I tried to advise him but there was no change in his behavior. So, I decided to leave home and stay apart from him.
    My parents recommended that couples therapy in Toronto can help people with alcoholism and their spouses, can break longstanding habits that lock alcoholism in place and repair damages relationship. So, I decided to go ahead with it. Now I really need some genuine suggestions to choose a couple counselor in Toronto?

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    Hi Thaparged!

    We are not able to refer therapists to you in Toronto largely because we don't have access to this information. I am a licensed therapist and a Certified Sedona Method Coach. I work with folks long distance using the phone or SKYPE. While I don't offer therapy outside of the state of NY I do bring all of my knowledge and expertise to the table. I have a lot of experience working with folks with addiction. If you are interested in speaking with me to see if you would like to work with me, please contact me through my website, If you decide to find someone locally, I wish the the very best in your endeavor.