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    I put on a pair of slacks yesterday that I hadn't worn in a while and it took some effort to buckle them up. Then I had a breakdown and then a realization that I am tired of carrying all this excess weight around. As I write this it occurs to me that all the weight I'm carrying around isn't just physical. First steps include creating a goal, "I allow myself to easily weigh 207 pounds or even less." and also my resistance to being obese and (the one that gave me the most pause) My resistance to being attractive. Where does that come from? The weight gets in the way of feeling at home in my body, my energy level and also gets in the way of any consideration or hope for an intimate relationship. I am also releasing on my self-disgust on letting my body get in such a state. I'm releasing on that for now and on my next day off I will re-listen to Effortless Health and Wellbeing. Now this may sound crazy but the excess weight is just energy? Right? Can the energy of weight be released just like the energy of emotions? I am also releasing on my frustration over certain aspects of my living situation that make it difficult to plan and make meals and a crazy work schedule that makes it difficult to get to the gym. etc. I mean I can work through all of this but I have to spend so much energy to prepare healthy food and to find time to exercise It all feels like a ton of stuff to work through. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. xoxo

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    good luck with your about just taking it one day at a time.... releasing on the overall goal...'today I choose to be my ideal weight'....then releasing on the action step of healthy meal prep..and doing that .then later releasing on the action step of a session of exercise.,,,then exercise...what if exercise does not have to be an hour at the gym,,,,,what if it is 6 star jumps on the hour every hour?


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      Hi David T!

      Releasing as you have described in your post will help with letting go of excess weight. I would start with releasing on how this "all feels like a ton of work."

      How about releasing with a holistic release like this:

      I allow it to feel like a ton of work as much as it does.

      I welcome how effortless it really is, as best I can.