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Overcoming Drug Addiction is Possible With The Sedona Method

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  • Overcoming Drug Addiction is Possible With The Sedona Method

    Researchers have found a connection between the abuse of tobacco, cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy), amphetamines, and steroids and the development of cardiovascular diseases. And tobacco is responsible for approximately 30% of all heart disease deaths each year.
    • Approximately 40 million debilitating illnesses or injuries occur among Americans as the result of their use of tobacco, alcohol, or another addictive drug each year
    • As many as 60% of adults in Federal prisons are there for drug-related crimes (National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University)
    • 31% of America's homeless suffer from drug abuse or alcoholism (ONDCP, 2000)

    With that in mind:
    • Do you feel that you need drugs regularly and in some cases many times a day?
    • Have you failed in your attempts to stop using?
    • Have you done things or considered doing things to obtain drugs that you normally wouldn't do, such as stealing?
    • Do you feel that you need drugs to deal with stress, unhappiness, and the problems in your life?
    • Have you ever taken part in activities that place you and others at risk of physical harm when you're under the influence of drugs?

    Does this sound familiar? If you have ever felt like this, you are not alone and there is real and lasting help in the form of The Sedona Method. If drugs have a growing influence in your life and you want to change bad habits and overcome addiction, The Sedona Method is a powerful and effective alternative for breaking your drug addiction.Feel your destructive urges dissolve on the spot...

    When you perceive you are about to indulge your habit again, simply ask yourself the easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember questions what make up The Sedona Method. You will feel the urgency and tightness leaving your stomach, shoulders and chest. You will feel your compulsion to 'get a fix' dissolve and, in its place, you will feel ease, relaxation and confidence. You will no longer be the out-of-control victim of your drug addiction.

    Feeling more relaxed, you will be capable of handling whatever life throws at you more easily. The noise of your mind will subside, and you will have the clarity of mind to say and do what is appropriate and natural in order to master any life situation, including the bad habits and addictive behavior that used to plague you.You don’t have to struggle to break free of addictions anymore.

    Although classes, support groups, counseling and therapy do seem to work in helping you move in the direction of breaking your drug addiction, you will find there is a better way: The Sedona Method. The Sedona Method will show you how to rid yourself of the inner cause of any unwanted behavior. The Sedona Method is a unique, elegantly powerful and complete system on its own that can also be used to get more out of any other program for overcoming addiction. Let’s examine your alternatives for breaking drug addiction:

    I. You can attend a class.

    By employing various mental techniques, classes for breaking habits attempt to help you to see from a different point of view the situations that have caused your habits and then work to change your thinking processes. This can be helpful; however, mental techniques often only mask the true cause of your losing control of your behavior. Most people are unable to maintain these temporary benefits in controlling their drug addiction.

    II. You can see a counselor.

    Seeing a counselor definitely has its benefits. A counselor can sometimes help you to identify the situations that have caused you to lose control and to change your thinking processes. But they can’t always easily help you eliminate the inner cause. Also, the process can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

    III. You can attend a recovery support group.

    Attending a recovery support group can be very supportive in breaking your drug addiction, but there are drawbacks. Support groups often require you to follow very strict rules and regulations. They also require very long, sometimes lifelong, commitments to attendance and participation. In addition, many support groups are forced to operate in secrecy due to the stigma attached to attending them.

    IV. You can get therapy.

    Next to The Sedona Method, therapy has the highest likelihood of producing a lasting change in your relationship with your destructive behaviors. However, therapy alone can be a long, costly process.

    V. Your key to going beyond managing your addictions–The Sedona Method.

    The scientifically proven Sedona Method is an elegant, easy-to-learn, do-it-yourself system that will show you how to tap your natural ability to let go of any negative thought or feeling on the spot, which will increase your positive thinking power — including all forms of addiction. It can be used in life to get immediate relief from the effects of addictive behaviors whenever you feel you are losing control and will produce good feelings.

    The Sedona Method also helps you to easily break the patterns of thought and behavior that cause this form of self-sabotage to reoccur. As you tap into your natural ability to release, you’ll find that you can let go of whatever it is that is causing you to do things that you later regret. The Sedona Method will also show you how to get the most out of any other approach you are using to break your addiction including all the ones mentioned above.
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    Commonly many follow the 12 step recovery program for overcoming addiction... but never heard of this method!! Sounds good too..
    drug rehab


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      The Sedona Method and Twelve Step programs are good company and boost the effectiveness of both programs. On the other hand addiction is such a serious disease that in most cases using the Sedona Method alone would be unwise and irresponsible to suggest. I have been a low-bottom drunk and addict for years and came to AA in 1991. By that time I lost almost everything including my job, money, girlfriend, friends and perhaps even worse the trust of those I love. After some up's and downs and a lot of trying to find an easy way out I got sober, clean and have been that way since late 1992. The only thing that got me through the first period of sobriety had nothing to do with letting go of negativity or positive thinking. I survived that first period because of a handfull of old-timers who had been were I was and knew every trick in the book and confronted me with deceit before I even made in conscious myself.

      Working the method came later, I believe somewhere in 1993 or 94 with some video tapes featuring a much younger Hale and a few other trainers. From then on I combined both methods and love them both for how they helped me and helped me to help others. But for an addict self - deceit is just too much second nature to rely on SM alone. From what I've seen over the years 12 steps is the main road to take for recovery.

      I feel pretty strong about this issue because alcohol or drug addiction is a real killer. People die out there and it's not a pretty way t0 go. In theory all addictive behavior can be released, but an addict sobering up has a very warped discriminative mind. He/she can't see clearly.

      just my two cents


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        Dear friends,

        It always appears to me that when someone needs to describe how great one thing is by putting down another that the great thing looses it's greatness...for me. I recommend that we each find what works and use it as long as it does.

        And since TSM doesn't claim to diagnose, treat or cure anything it would be irresponsible to suggest to others that psychotherapy or medical intervention or any other process is not appropriate when in fact it is.

        I would add that hundreds of thousands of folks all around the world have found that TSM supports and enhances whatever else they are doing if they are using other processes or interventions.

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          Would like to support what Delilah has just said...

          I heard a bit of discussion about this on one of the Inner Circle volumes, where it was suggested that the Sedona Method complements 12-step recovery method nicely. That wasn't the exact wording, I am just going by recollection here, if it is correct, because I can't find the relevant CD track. One drawback that was mentioned, was that quite a few people doing 12-step programmes got to a point where they couldn't 'wean' themselves off having to attend a 12-step meeting. It's as if there was a dependence developed on having to attend regular meetings, for fear of falling back into substance-addictive patterns if they didn't. And that is where releasing could assist. Again, feel free to jump in and correct.

          If this is accurate, then I guess that - like the Sedona Method - the 12-step program is a tool and thus a means to something 'greater'. When the tool has served its purpose, it's time to let it go. If/when the tool is needed again, then pick it up again.

          Just my "0-02c worth" as well. .