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Relationship Co-Dependency: How Letting Go Can Lead To Relationship Recovery

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  • Relationship Co-Dependency: How Letting Go Can Lead To Relationship Recovery

    In the 1970's a condition known as co-dependency was coined in reference to the emotional conflict that the loved ones of addicts were going through. If the co-dependent person made excuses for, or "covered for" the addicted person, then that condition was called "enabling." Then a vicious cycle of co-dependency was formed creating seemingly more problems than the addiction itself! In the 1990's this co-dependency condition was expanded further into just about every area of relationships where one person feels like they are sacrificing their own emotional, physical, or financial needs for the benefit of a loved one, whether the loved one is an addict or not. Do you feel like you give your power away in your relationships? Like you must cater to the whim of his every passing emotional need? Or that you can't relax unless her needs are met first? The only problem is their needs are never really met, are they? What if there was a way that you could give support and caring to your loved ones without giving away your own sense of identity, and personal power? What if there was a way to rid relationships of codependency and move towards emotional wellness and relationship recovery? Good news! Read on to discover the method that has helped thousands of sensitive people just like you. Never Be Called Needy, Clingy, or Co-Dependent Again!

    The truth is deep down your loved ones subconsciously lose a bit of respect for you when they know that you are putting your needs way, way after theirs. Not that supporting and nurturing them isn't a good thing - it most certainly is! But not at your expense. And if you were to be honest, hasn't it always backfired on you? You get accused of being needy, clingy, smothering, suffocating, when all you wanted to do the whole time was help. Or was it? Deeper down is there a fear that maybe you will lose approval in your relationships? Or lose control? Or perhaps your sense of security? You probably answered yes to most, if not all, of these questions. There is a profound hope for you today! The Sedona Method Audio Course will gently teach you step by step how to reclaim your own sense of purpose, identity, and power in your relationships. Your co-dependency will be a thing of the past. You deserve happiness, peace, and fulfillment in your relationships. And the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. When that relationship is solid, all others naturally and easily fall into place. The Sedona Method Audio Course will change your life, immediately, for the better. You deserve to be free of someone else's moods dictating your every day in life. The Sedona Method will show you exactly how to do just that, more quickly than you ever dreamed. Take back your sense of self, and Order Now.
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