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How to Find a Role Model or Get the Benefits of One Without Actually Having One

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  • How to Find a Role Model or Get the Benefits of One Without Actually Having One

    In life, role models often find you without your really looking for them. You may, for instance, have been influenced by a certain grade-school teacher, or propped up by a manager at work during a time when you most needed it. Your parents and grandparents were almost certainly role models to you (as you are right now to your own children), as may have been an older sibling, family friend or neighbor. An ideal role model, the type who encourages you to succeed and represents only the most pure values and intentions, can be very beneficial for your life, but as you get older, is finding a role model really necessary?

    Yes … and no.

    “Having a role model is a very positive thing -- as long as you allow yourself to run from the person and still be yourself rather than trying to be the other person,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

    In other words, having a role model is about personal growth, not imitation. You must be able to meld the best of what your role model has to offer with your own beliefs, experience and intentions if it is to be a beneficial experience.

    Dwoskin's personal mentor, for instance, was Lester Levenson, the creator of The Sedona Method. In this excerpt from The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being Dwoskin describes the beginning of their relationship:

    “Lester’s presence immediately struck me as unique. He was in total peace and equal-mindedness, very comfortable with himself. He was unassuming and easy to talk to and treated everyone as his friend even me, a complete stranger. It was obvious that he’d ended his search by discovering the answers I’d been seeking. I knew I had to find out more.”

    Of course, simply throwing all of your own passions to the wind, while embracing everything about your mentor, is not the idea. In fact, while children are among the most “moldable,” we even support this in them from a young age when we encourage them to follow our own values but to explore their own desires as well.

    In Dwoskin’s case, he learned all he could from Lester, “while continuing to explore in different ways how releasing would affect my everyday life,” and ultimately starting Sedona Training Associates to take what he had learned to a new level.

    If a role model has not emerged from your life, yet you are interested in getting some guidance or inspiration, what should you do? Learn how to release and be your own mentor.

    'If you do not have a role model then simply follow your own inner council and release whatever feelings you have that may be preventing you from trusting your own intuitive knowingness,' Dwoskin says. 'Your own experience and knowingness are always the best sources for how to model your life.'
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