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Scar Treatments From the Emotional Perspective: Effectively Dealing with Shame and...

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  • Scar Treatments From the Emotional Perspective: Effectively Dealing with Shame and...

    Scar Treatments From the Emotional Perspective: Effectively Dealing with Shame and Embarrassment of Physical Scars

    Bodily scars, though usually inert from a physical perspective, can cause much hurt to a person from an emotional perspective. The scar likely reminds you of the accident, the surgery or, perhaps, the acne that caused it, which can be distressing in and of itself.

    Meanwhile, scars can affect the way we view our bodies, assaulting our already fragile body images. And, not surprisingly, studies show that when we have low 'body-esteem' we're also more likely to have low self-esteem and symptoms of depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    For some, having a noticeable scar may feel so embarrassing that it keeps them from attending social functions, going after the career they love or engaging in meaningful relationships all things that are necessary to living a fulfilled life.

    Scar Treatments for Your Emotions

    If you have a scar or any body issue that you're unhappy with, for that matter you probably feel like all eyes are drawn to that part of you as soon as you walk into a room. Of course, this is far from reality.

    'You are always way more conscious of how you look than anyone else is. You are the only one with the spotlight on your imagined flaws,' says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

    Logically, most of us know this fact, yet it can be quite difficult to convince yourself that it is true. This is where The Sedona Method, an incredibly simple tool, can help. The Method teaches you how to release your negative thoughts (such as embarrassment, shame, anxiety and more) that are causing you to feel bad about the way you look.

    Releasing is something that we can all do naturally, but as we grow older often forget how. The Method simply helps you to tap into this ability to let go that already exists in you.

    'If you release your discomfort with how you look you will feel more comfortable, and you will also stop drawing attention to your imaginary flaws,' Dwoskin says.

    After you have released your feelings of discomfort with your appearance, you should give yourself permission to love yourself as you are, as best you can, Dwoskin says.

    'Then let go of wanting others to see you in any particular way,' he continues. 'If you let go of wanting others to react in a particular way, they are more likely to simply not even notice what you are afraid of them noticing. Either way, you will feel a lot more comfortable and a lot happier.'
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